Quotable Quotes: the only person less confident than Rafa right now…

Richard Gasquet speaking to l’equipe on his freaktastic Round 1 match up against Nadal:


“Rafa a été de loin le plus sympa avec moi pendant l’affaire. Il a eu des mots vachement gentils. En plus, c’est un champion exceptionnel. Si l’on combine ces deux éléments avec mon propre niveau de jeu actuel, on se dit quand même qu’il y aurait eu mieux comme tirage… Physiquement, j’accuse le coup de ces longues semaines d’arrêt. Je m’attends à en baver. Et en plus, là, ce sera en direct sur le Central. C’est vraiment pas de bol”.

Rafa has been by far the nicest to me during the case. He said a lot of very nice things. Moreover, he’s an exceptional champion. If we combined these two elements with my own level currently, there would’ve been a better draw… Physically I’m struggling because of those long weeks without training. I expect it to be really hard. And furthermore, it will be on live on Centre Court. It’s really unlucky.”

Source: welovetennis.fr

Translation my own


It was very admirable to Rafa to stick up for Reeshie through this whole affair. That’s what friends are for, no?



Can’t wait to see the match. 

xx doots


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4 responses to “Quotable Quotes: the only person less confident than Rafa right now…”

  1. SJ says :

    Poor Reeshie, i hope he manages to at least win a set, he didn’t even make the main draw in new haven so i take it that there is a lot of rust on him. Nadal’s face is so funny in that pic and his hair.

    • dootsiez says :

      I’m still annoyed that the New Haven organisers wouldn’t give him a wild card. That’s right, kick’im when he’s down.

      The thing about Rafa is his eyebrows never changed. Even when he was little!

  2. TopSpin says :

    This reminded me of when James Blake was out with a back injury and Federer was the only player to send him a card.

    Doesn’t take much to be nice.

    • dootsiez says :

      Touche. Class isn’t about how you behave towards people that everyone else also respects. Sometimes it take a bigger man to remember someone who’s down in the dumps. Major props to Nadal.

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