Picspam: do I need to start writing fanfics or something?

Don’t get me wrong. I love Roger and Mirka as a couple. LOVE them. Squeegee! But you gotta admit there is just a little too much inhuman excellence between Sharapova and Federer. 

That. And the fact that they’re two of my favourite players and rarely have photos taken together. Sharapova being one of the few players out there who don’t suck up to TMF.


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Le sigh!

xx doots


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12 responses to “Picspam: do I need to start writing fanfics or something?”

  1. Julie says :

    Doots, I’m going to have to disagree. I hate Sharpie and she is the last (absolutly the last) person on the WTA that I’d like to see Fed end up with in an alternate universe (of course Mirka is The boss in this universe). Serena is my first pick, followed by JJ (hey it’s my fantasy), then Venus and Amelie! Just consider a Serena and Roger pairing: those kids would get to inherit their mom’s muscular bicepts to make up for Roger’s puny ones!

    • dootsiez says :

      In an alternative universe where Mirka didn’t exist, Amelie would turn straight for Roger, and we’d live in awe of such beauty, class and radness personified in one couple.

      My picks for Roger (sans Mirka) out of the tennis ladies would probably be Venus, Amelie and Kuznetsova!

      I think Serena could actually drive Roger crazzzy, ditto to JJ. I’ve always pictured JJ with Rafa for some reason. He’d be dressed in sorbet colours, and she’d have glitter in her hair. Too much quirkiness right there.

      • Daphne says :

        amelie MAURESMO? well, she’s actually a bit pretty but, beyond that…

        • dootsiez says :

          Hehehe, this is part I get gushy over Momo.

          She has so much talent and variety on a tennis court. She’s VERY intelligent and articulate (although it’s more obvious when she’s dealing with the French press).

          She’s a wine lover, reads politics, loves skiing, and is a picture of a life-loving human being. Is friends with most of the girls on tour, and word is that she’s just uber-endearing.

          FLOVE her awesomeness. ❤

    • JD says :

      RFLMAO Agree with everything but JJ. Do not make FedEx go through that lol My pick would be Serena. May be some other ladylike-ladies like Ana.

      *lol A friend having tea with me right now shouted: “Let hime have Kournikova – tennis prodigy and first distinct tennis pretty-face would match up” hehe Dunno what to say here*

  2. JFK says :

    OMG! We were meant to be friends! Mash and Rog are my fave players too, They would make a cute couple -both love fashion, both could be supermodels. If it weren’t for Mirka I would love for them to be a couple. And if I were Masha Fierce I’d be all over him in a heart beat.

    • dootsiez says :

      The funny thing about Maria is that she tends to be one of the few WTA players who don’t gush over Federer, which ironically makes me like her even more. Mentally she’s quite similar to Roger, in terms of the way she carries herself with such self-assurance and confidence. You don’t see either of them get down on themselves. I think they’d make an insanely attractive, classy and sometimes haughty couple.

  3. Daphne says :

    you’ve seen the awesome rog/maria music video right? ;D

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