Practice Picspam: Yankee me wankee.

Roger Federer was eyeballed with a new practice tee today, looking slightly too happy. Needless to say, my frazzles are now reaching to a medically alarming level. STOP SMILING.



Oh what? Now you’re happy to hit a backhand? You’re just softening me up for the blow, aren’t cha?



Because watching the R-Fed follow through on his backhand will never not make me purr. Even in practice.




As always, the Puny Arms Brigade is out in full force. Pathetic as usual. I’ll pretend that right arm never happened. 




Credit to Laura from for the lovely pics,

xx doots



23 responses to “Practice Picspam: Yankee me wankee.”

  1. breadstix says :

    He’s buttering us up for a R1 loss to Devin, I tell ya. Or maybe I R-whatever loss to the Sod, a la Rafastyle. Or maybe he’s about to withdraw. Or RETIRREEEE…

    Either way… it’s working! Ain’t he adorable?? LMAO, and his left arm looks half the size of the right HAHAH.

    • dootsiez says :

      Fed fans are a funny lot heh? When he was losing, I was so nervous every time he took to the court, but then when he started winning again, I’m still frazzing, cos I think there’s got to be a catch somewhere.

      Such neurosis must stop! 😦

  2. Tashi says :

    =) He’s just so pretty. And adorkable. *drool*

  3. Liz says :

    Yep, super-smilin’ Fed is making me nervous too!

    I like the grumpy tennis ball t-shirt.

  4. Julie says :

    Your frazzling is contagious Doots. I never thought I’d say this but there is something wrong with being too happy! I miss the USO 08 Fed, the crazy one with the almost desesperate intensity. This happy one just isn’t cutting it for me. I think Mirka needs to talk to him about his attitude, I’m sure that perpetual goofy grin is alarming to her too!

    • dootsiez says :

      Hmm I don’t think Mirka’s intervention would help. She probably has the same goofy grin right now from spending so much time together with the Mighty Babes!

  5. LJ says :

    you know i tried following through like rog in my last tennis backhand lesson. And my coach was like, “DON’T OPEN UP YOUR SHOULDERS SO MUCH”, and I’m like, dude, rog does it. But obviously i can’t imitate rog cause by left arm is like 34903982 times the size of his and you need a puny left arm to balance that pretty follow through.

    • dootsiez says :

      ^ Hehehe, that’s a massive left arm you got there! 😛

      I’ve come to accept the fact that trying to do anything like Roger Federer on a tennis court is just a losing proposition. If you try and play like him, sure you’d be very entertaining and beautiful to watch, you’d also spend half your life shanking shots. Roger makes it look so easy, but it’s actually so damn hard.

  6. Federer's Puny Left Arm says :

    I am not going to put up with constant complaints about me. Deal with it. I am puny, so what? Go ahead, talk about my evil twin, Big Right Arm. You have been warned.

  7. JFK says :

    Beautiful man, beautiful backhand

  8. PJ says :

    Doots, I have a weird relationship with happy!Roger. It of course makes me really happy to see him happy and smiley and relaxed in spite that his left arm is puny and that everyone expects him to win no.16 and straight no.6 (WHAT PRESSURE?!)…but at the same time I worry he is going to fall off like because he is too happy and relaxed??!

    I don’t even get myself.

    Anyway, reading all the draw analysis where there has been proclamation of the draw being rigged (i kid you not) and that Roger has the CUPCAKE draw paved for him to reach the semis…I dunno might work against him to play relatively relaxed and happy during all those rounds and suddenly finding himself in bind for semis/final. Bah.

    Like I said I don’t even get myself but THANK YOU for happy!Roger pictures. He is lovely.

    (and on a side note I got US Vogue from Borders…17 bucks! It pains! But for Fed…)

    • dootsiez says :

      ^ People talk about draws being rigged all the time, and not just for Federer. Unfortunately in Internet Fandom, the passionate hateful minority speaks louder than the rational but lurking majority.

      I’m worried that Federer is a little too relaxed too. At the end of the day, a draw is only as easy or hard as you make it.

      Oh and those mags with the “air freight” stickers are costly, aren’t they? Just as well I’m such a magazine whore that I buy them anyway. Just extra justification for me this time 😛

  9. SJ says :

    If he’s going to get beaten he better at least reach the semis because it would be so wrong if Murray was number 1.

    • dootsiez says :

      Correct me if I’m wrong, I thought Federer only needed to reach 4th round to secure his No 1 position post US Open.

      • SJ says :

        He does but the straight semi final record needs to be kept alive and I don’t want to see any more articles about decline if he loses before. He is way too happy, I don’t want a repeat of wimbledon 2008 *shudders*

  10. sliceofwatermelon says :


  11. Blue says :

    Yep, all he needs to do is reach R16 to hold on to the no.1 rank. Easy Peasy. Piece of cake. You better do it Fed! Or you’ll have a lot of fans looking like that sad tennis ball. But no pressure at all.

  12. EP says :


    If he wasn’t smiling and an idiot I might be tempted to slap him! =/

  13. freakyfrites says :

    OMG! Roger’s happy face reminds me of when I was a kid and got some “happy gas” at the dentist. I asked my mom – why don’t they sell this door to door? Well, Roger’s obviously got a personal supply.

    Or else he just has a real, genuine appreciation for his good fortune! Natural happy gas, I guess.

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