Picspam: Be my mirror, my sword and shield.

Mirka sighted at Poop’s round 1 match. We’ve missed you and your rocks, Hot Mama. 



Q. You have to give Mirka more attention these days now? 
ROGER FEDERER: Well, I did before. (laughter.) That’s part of the deal, you know. I like spending time with her, and that doesn’t change. We had a great relationship beforehand. Now it’s the same, you know. There’s just two babies involved, as well. We’re trying to do our best. It’s a lot of fun. When I go back to the hotel. 

Yeah, I mean, I’ll see how it goes the next few months and years.





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7 responses to “Picspam: Be my mirror, my sword and shield.”

  1. LJ says :

    I’ve MISSSSSSSSSED you mirka!!!!

  2. Tashi says :

    She looks amaaaaaaaazing. She is just to awesome for words.

  3. PJ says :

    She looks healthy, happy, amazing and most importantly, how a woman should look 5 weeks after giving birth.

    I’ve missed you too, Mirka, you and your calm gum-chewing while I freak out at your husband on court.

  4. Julie says :

    I’ve missed The Boss. Good to see her back. Noticed Fed wasn’t smiling much today. There is hope!

  5. JFK says :

    She is a hot mama. Mirka FTW!

  6. Eve says :

    Pregnancy and now motherhood suit Mirka more than any other woman I’ve ever seen. She has just looked constantly stunning this whole year. Sooo happy to see her back!

  7. Crusader says :

    Mirka looks absolutely awesome! That’s one hot momma!

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