Picspam: R-to-the-F still popular with the laydez.

Mamabear Mirka, adopt me. Please.

…Although this could make my concubinage to your husband slightly problematic.

Meh, it worked for Woody Allen.



My favourite S&C girl – Kim Cattrall – was also eyeballed during Federer’s match. Because people with an aura of win attract awesome people.



Awesome or fearsome?

As per usual, Anna Wintour joined the Feds in their box to watch on her tennis crush. And the only reason she was wearing those sunnies at a night session was to conceal her love-heart shaped pupils. But you can’t hide from me, Anna. 



As for the actual tennis, Roger came through rather grueling match against … Greul, escaping in straight sets – 63 75 75.

Simon punched above his weight for almost 2 sets and held 3 set points during that period. It was a risky game plan – Greul was attacking both Federer’s first and second serves and deserved mad props for pulling it off for such an extended period.

The Fed did well to withstand a free-swinging opponent, who had obviously decided to relish his prime time moment by trying to hit the cover off the ball with each shot. The balls retired hurt. 

All in all, it was a great round 2 match if you weren’t emotionally invested. But hey, I survived Acasuso at the French Open, I can survive anything. 





Images courtesy of REUTERS/Jeff Zelevansky


9 responses to “Picspam: R-to-the-F still popular with the laydez.”

  1. breadstix says :

    Aawwh, Mirka has such gorgeous hair too. If the girls don’t grow up to be hair goddesses then we know something’s gone wrong.

    Thought Fed was rather good yesterday (although Greul did quite a bit to make me frazzle), played some great points, looked so prettyful through the camera etcetc. Liking the night gear too, bit like a devilish version of darth federer hahaha

  2. FortuneCookie says :

    Anna Wintour still terrifies me so much…
    But,Mirka,seriously?Where in the Zurich area is this secret spa for new mums that makes them look so amazing SIX FRIGGIN WEEKS after having twins??
    I want the number for when the time comes… 😉

  3. Tashi says :

    Jesus, Mirka looks incredible. When I grow up I want to be just like her.

    And what can I say about Roger? Pretty.

    Anna Wintour is creepy.

  4. JFK says :

    Mirka looks goood. Anna Wintour creeps me out too, but can you blame her? If I was as powerful as she was I would find a way in Roger’s box.
    Kim Cattrall is awesome, she narrated a cool piece for ESPN about Roger before the match.

  5. dootsiez says :

    LOL peeps – easy on Anna Wintour.

    Powerful, successful women are always hated, because it’s just too easy.

    Wintour’s a legend in her own lunchtime 😉 I’m not surprised that she finds Roger attractive, as someone who’s equally legendary and powerful in his field.

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