Picspam: He saw the tummy rub. Oh yeth he did…


The many expressions of a Roger Federer practice session, with plenty of double-handed fails:





xx doots


Credit to the Fairy Godmother of – Krist.  And to LJ, for directing me to such gems. 


24 responses to “Picspam: He saw the tummy rub. Oh yeth he did…”

  1. LJ says :

    omfg, YES!!!, this is epic, me loves

  2. breadstix says :

    Federpooporn and Rafaporn, what have I done to deserve all this! *love*

    He’s so dorky. 😀

  3. sliceofwatermelon says :

    roflmao. One of the best pics EVER!

  4. Tashi says :

    LOL. He’s such an idiot.

    I love him.

  5. roadrunnerz says :

    I love me some happy, dorky Fed. If you won’t frazzle, dude, I won’t either. (so I say until the match starts…)

    • dootsiez says :

      Don’t make promises you can’t keep.

      What’s a Fed fan without frazzles?

      • RFED99 says :

        Loving R-Fed almost certainly ensures that you have no nails. I get so nervous watching him. My match mantra when Federer is playing is :
        1. no changing channels
        2. not moving from my seat
        3. no food/drinks
        4. no bathroom breaks
        5. pray like mad
        I hope i’m not alone in feeling like this 🙂

      • dootsiez says :

        Oh I wouldn’t say no to food – RFed is best enjoyed with some popcorn and a block of Lindt. 😉

  6. Eve says :

    Oh Roger, you beautiful big dork. ❤

  7. Isobel says :

    This is Roger. Looks like Roger continues to enjoy the boost he gets from natural male enhancement…

    Damn. I hate those commercials, and now I’m never going to get that stupid jingle out of my head!

  8. JFK says :

    *Adorkable* ❤

  9. Julie says :

    That first picture … uh. Speechless.

  10. PJ says :

    He’s the biggest and happiest and most adorable DORK ever. Thanks for sharing, Doots xoxo

    On an even better note, seems to be back on track with a solid display against Tommy Rob, am relieved. Cos he was horrible against Lleyton blah.

  11. EP says :


    Nice to see he actually has a dorky side though… XD

  12. sazzylove says :

    Oh god !!!that pic is priceless~!loved it!

  13. RFED99 says :

    oh HOW can you not love him? He’s adorable!

    LOVE IT!!

  14. Ann says :

    I just…hee hee…oh, I just….*snicker snacker*…hee hee…

    Suddenly my day is fun again. ❤

  15. girl from michigan says :

    A shout-out for LJ. :o)

    Dootzie, are you on LJ?

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL no I meant “LJ” as in the name of the blog reader who sent me the pic. I’m afraid I missed the livejournal bandwagon a long time ago. 😉

  16. Julie says :

    Roger you little $%^&** , thanks for the mini heart attacks during your match with Robin! How about you freaking stop smiling and get on with business??? That trophy isn’t going to win itself!

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