USO Day 10: Me? Frazzle?! As. If.

Yeah, that’s total bullshit.

I webcammed a photo of myself during the fourth set:



YUP. Tight Federer matches causes me to sprout eyebrows where eyebrows should never been seen.

After 10 days of upsets, brainfarts and … Melanie Oudin, we finally got a little something I call ‘AWESOME tennis’ in Federer’s 6-0 6-3 6-7 7-6 victory over Soderling.

You know! That thing where players take it to each other, serve out ace bombs and hit screaming winners from all corners of the court?

Yer know, aggressive tennis!


AP Photo/Darron Cummings


If you heard moans during the match, some of those were coming from the balls, which were having the nasal mucus whacked out of them. Others were coming from Fedgasms induced worldwide by a certain RFed.

The stats will tell you that it was a clean kill: 56% to 44% of points won for Federer and the Sod, but stats occasionally lie.

Robin Soderling could’ve beaten most players with the way he played and served during the match. But more significantly was the version of Fed that showed up. He brought his TMF-game today, and oddly managed to maintain that level for 4 whole sets, hitting 64 winners to 28 unforced errors in windy conditions. And even on a day like this, Soderling managed to take a set, and very nearly a second one. Le shock, le swoon, l’ecstasy!

Something else to get ecstatic about – 22 grand slam semifinals in a row. We don’t know how much longer it’s going to go for, but you know what? Enjoy every second of it while it lasts.


‘Puny Left Arm’ sighting: AP Photo/Darron Cummings


Lendl, the holder of the previous record (10 semifinals in a row), certainly knows what he’s talking about:


“If you called me eight years ago and said ‘There will be a guy who comes along, and he’ll be in 21 straight Grand Slam semifinals,'” Lendl said. “Well, I would be looking for a polite way to end the conversation as quickly as possible because I’d be talking to somebody out of their mind.” Then he laughed again.

“It’s just ridiculous,” Lendl added. “There is no other way to say it. You can’t explain it to people, it’s just absurd.

“When you slow down and really think about it, it’s almost obscene.”


Tsk tsk, Roger and his obscenities… so what does this say about R-Fed?


“It says,” Lendl mused, “how much better he is than anybody else.”

Source: ESPN


Geez louise. This Lendl guy has a lot of character flaws, doesn’t he? Apart from missing an “e” from the end of his surname, he also seems to have a penchant for stating the obvious. 

Well, Mighty Poop, it’s time to roar! 


REUTERS/Shaun Best


While 22 straight grand slam semifinals is simply mindfucking, 3 consecutive US Open semifinals is nothing to scoff at either. And that was precisely what Novak Djokovic managed to accomplish in the other quarterfinal.

Nando had his chances in both the first and the third set, but being Fernando, he missed his opportunities. By the fourth set, Verdasco was visibly bothered by his stomach muscle tear (which he played through in his last two matches) and residual foot injury


The Cat: Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images


Even so, a solid performance by Djokovic, if a little defensive at times. I don’t know when and why Nole became such a counterpuncher, but it needs to stop. Even if I do want Federer in the final

If Djokovic comes out with the kind of tennis that he played against Nadal in Madrid or Montreal, there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be in the final. Similarly, if Roger doesn’t have a huge emotional letdown after this thriller, there’s no reason why he couldn’t win either.

Yikes, too many double negatives! What I’m saying is that I ain’t givin’ it to anyone yet. I’ll be sad to see Roger go down, but if he does, I hope he goes down swingin’. Unlike a certain second seed.

Ditto for Djoko.


Julian Finney/Getty Images


On the women’s side of things, “believe” became “believed” today as Caroline Wozniacki outclassed Melanie Oudin, 6-2 6-2. 

Now that Carol is in her first ever grand slam semifinal with a good chance to be in the final, perhaps it’s a time to brace yourselves for a backlash: Hot Woz made a whole 5 winners for the entire match, taking the art of pushing to a new level. 

I like the Danish Delight, who’s classy and charming on and off court. But even I find her tennis uninspiring.


REUTERS/Jeff Zelevansky


Still, mad props to her for being the only seed in her quarter to live up to (and past) her seeding. The girl may not play gutsy, lights-out tennis, but she certainly gives very little away for free, which in women’s tennis these days is a rarity to be treasured

So grind on, Coffee Bean!


REUTERS/Jeff Zelevansky


Wozniacki is due to meet the otherother-Belgian, Yanina Wickmeyer in the semifinal, who progressed past KBond in straight sets. That’ll make it two Belgians in the semifinals. Deja vu?


Good effort by ‘Nina, who took her chances when the draw opened up and earned each of her victories. Surprise semifinalist? Yes. But nothing to be scoffed at by rude commies.



Especially when you consider that she’s turning out to be one of the most endearing personalities on the WTA tour. 


Q. What was the funny story about the T shirt? Sorry, my Flemish isn’t all that good.

YANINA WICKMAYER: Well, before my match against Kuznetsova in New Haven I went to see a shop just behind the hotel just to relax a little bit. I saw two T shirts, but they were pretty expensive. 

So I said if I win tomorrow, if I beat Kuznetsova, I’m going to get them. I lost 7 6 in the third, so I didn’t go get them because I wanted to be honest to myself.

We got into the car, we started driving to New York, and after a couple of miles my dad went to the back and get me my two T shirts. He thought I deserved them, anyway.

Q. When you came to the U.S., was there something about your dad sold his business or something?

YANINA WICKMAYER: Well, not only his business. He just gave up his whole life for me. Yeah, he just was a normal guy in Belgium. He had friends, he had family, he had cars, he had our house.

He just gave everything up for me. He just left. He listened to a girl that was nine years old and left his life, left his dreams. So I guess I’m always going to respect him for that. I think he’s listening today, so he’s just a great guy. 

I think that the place I am right now, the semis I’m going to play tomorrow or the day after, the moments I live every day, it wouldn’t be if he wasn’t there. So he’s the only person that has always stood next to me. He’s always been there for me, even in the bad and the good moments. He’s always respected me and always tried to do the best he can. 

So, yeah, I have no words for what he done. I think there is no way of thanking him in any way for what he did, but I hope with my semis here this week I can show him that I really thank him for everything he’s done. 

Yeah, it’s been great spending my whole life with him.

Q. Is he here in New York?

YANINA WICKMAYER: Yeah, he’s right there. (laughter.) He told me it’s the first time he comes to a press conference. He just wanted to see how everything works. 


Stop it girl! My heart is made of stone. Honest! 


Meanwhile, Justine Henin is due to give a press conference tomorrow/today … about her “UNICEF projects”.

Of course Juju, because that’s what we’re really interested in.

With the Kimpossible, ‘Nina, and Juju all making news, the Belgian sports reporters will certainly have their hands full. 


Julian Finney/Getty Images

A great day of tennis coming up for men’s quarters: Rafa v Gonzo, and JMDP v Red Hot Cilic Peppers.

May your Fedgasms be plenty,

xx doots


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20 responses to “USO Day 10: Me? Frazzle?! As. If.”

  1. LJ says :

    you know there was one forehand in the 2nd set where I let out a very audible groan and went “oh man” really loudly, luckily it was lunch but i was still in my office and i’m sure people outside heard.

    but TMF induces fedgasms, even in a public openplannish office.

    • dootsiez says :

      Reminded me of when I was at the AO this year, and saw this point, these guys sitting a few rows in front of us stood up and gave Federer 3 worship bows. Fedgasms come in various forms. 😉

  2. PJ says :

    Always full of lovin’ for your Wrap posts, doots. Not so much on Fed’s complete fail to convert break points. He could be sittin’ pretty with straight sets but nooooo. Thought it would be cool to induce a few heart attacks. Glad he didn’t choke on the 4th tiebreaker.

    I was sitting through a MEETING with my supervisor for my thesis during that third set. It was complete agony not checking my phone. T_T

    • dootsiez says :

      Thesis over Fed? PFFFT!
      LOL. At you at MU by any chance? It was weird with the Lindt Cafe thing the other day.

      I’d give more credit to the Sod. He came up with some MASSIVE serves and forehands in the third and fourth set. Roger should’ve closed out the tiebreaks though – being up 4-0 and then losing. Too passive from him.

      But overall, I thought he played a really good match though. The third and fourth set was more Sod raising his level than Fed dropping his.

  3. Ann says :

    I hope Soderling continues to up his game. If he had started the match the way he ended it, you might have had to sprout an extra head instead of just the eyebrows. 😉 But seriously, he has all the weapons to really hurt the top guys and has showed some awfully steely nerve, to boot. Go Sod.

    Though to be fair, I’m sure Rog would have matched him if Sod had come out of the gate faster. Rog gets a bit tentative when he’s cruising and then hits a roadblock, as in this match, and when he’s not playing the predator he starts missing his shots. I give full credit to Soderling for most if not all of the missed break chances, though – like the best champions, he pulled out some wicked serves when he needed them most.

    That’s two ripping night matches in a row from the men. Can’t wait to see what Rafa and Gonzo have in store for us tonight!

  4. Noshali says :

    I’m SOOOOOOO glad he didn’t win it in straight sets. although it was annoying to see how he was ahead in the tiebreaker but then had a hiccup and lost it.

    still, i’m superstitious because, as soon as RFED has a great run leading to the finals, he doesnt do so well in the end. in RG, he had a lot of 5 and 4 setters, but that worked out well for him.

    wow…i’m weird

    • dootsiez says :

      not to worry Noshali, I felt the same way. We can’t Roger have it too easy, he needs to be tough as a cookie for his next match! 🙂

  5. breadstix says :

    Nando and Nole BOTH in orange. I can tell ya that was an eyesore. :S

    WOOHOOO GO FEDERPOOP! I totally lost faith in him (and lost the will to stay awake) before the match ended (and because my stream died… (excuses, excuses)) but that was a flipping awesome match. Feddy dropped a set not because he was shanking balls all over the shop but cuz Sodders was playing so well.

    A toast to 22 consec semis! 😀

  6. Alex says :

    Go FederPOOP!!!!

  7. Julie says :

    It’s a good thing I’m in my early twenties, otherwise, I’d be dead by now and we all know what the cause of death would be: Federer-induced heart attack! Kudos for Robin to come back after those two soul-crushing first sets but man, what is it with Fed? He was 4-0 in the third set tie-break! 4-0! I saw the ghost of the Tsonga match flashing through my eyes! He better bring it to his match with Nole and stay with it because I don’t think my heart can take anymore strains. I want bagels, breadsticks and if he must, pretzels! No tiebreaks! No fourth or fifth set! Straight, soul-crushing, spirit-breaking sets!

    • dootsiez says :

      four and five setters are good for Roger. He needs to be match tough and alert. We can’t let him have it easy! 😉

      • Julie says :

        I’m not thinking about Fed here! I’m thinking about myself! My health is important too dammit! lol I want to see Nole’s tears and uh testicles on the court by the time the match is over. Make it happen Fed!

  8. SJ says :

    I’m happy that Sodders took him to four sets, hopefully this should teach Roger not to be too passive, there should be no repeats of wimbledon 2008 or australian open 2009 where Federer had it too easy then folded in the fifth set in the final. I’m frazzling as Del Potro looks really good and Rafa and looks good too, Rogi should squeak by Novak not too sure about his possible final opponent they are all dangerous.

    • dootsiez says :

      I wouldn’t say Federer “folded” in the fifth set at Wimbledon. He kept fighting til 9-7 no? He had a chance to win it too. 😦 😦

      BAD memories.

      But good for Sod. It did turn out to be a good work out for Federer.

  9. JFK says :

    I’m pretty sure at one point in the 4th set tiebreak Robin had one set point (on serve). I nearly had a heartattack. Glad to see I wasn’t alone. Now Fed, go crush Novak in straight sets. Please?

  10. sazzylove says :

    Thank God we are all still alive with what Roger had put us all through.I looked like a pregnant woman whose about to go into labor.Luckily, FED got fed up and must have thought of all his frazzling fans that he sealed the deal on the 4th set and boy, what a relief it has been.Good thing that today we have a breather.WE can just all sit back and relax until Saturday.

  11. Blue says :

    I thought it was a good and entertaining match too. Even if I was a tad worried after the 3rd set, just a tiny bit. Gotta love Lendl, he knows how tough it is to set such records.

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