Juju Retirement Watch: like hell we care about UNICEF?!

Alright alright, we do. But that’s not what we want from Justine Henin.



The retired Henin was asked again Thursday if she would return to the sport. The answer is no longer the definitive “no” it once was. It is now something more like, “Come back and ask me later.”

A UNICEF goodwill ambassador, she tried to keep the press conference focused on tetanus vaccinations for mothers and babies in developing nations.

“We are here to discuss child mortality in the world, a subject matter which is important enough to center on this today,” she said at UNICEF headquarters.

Henin also pulled out of a theater commitment, fueling rumors that she needed time for tennis practice.

On Thursday, she deflected such questions. Four months ago, she said competitive tennis “is truly a page that has been turned.”

Source: AP


So… what am I thinking? 



5 responses to “Juju Retirement Watch: like hell we care about UNICEF?!”

  1. Tashi says :

    Oh please please please please please come back JuJu. Please!

    • dootsiez says :

      You know what? A few months ago, I would’ve laughed off the retirement rumors, now?

      Well, let’s just say that there’s been a little too much press over this and Justine’s camp isn’t exactly putting a stop to it.

      Also Kim and Wickmayer’s attitude when asked about this makes me think that they might be onto something.

  2. Julie says :

    So Justine’s coming back? Should we think Safina and the other Russian headcases for this event? I’d say yes! She probably realized that she can’t fail her comeback with the present state of the competition (with a few exception of course!). I do hope she comes back because I’m already salivating at a ReRe-Juju match-up! And I think some people (looking at you Mary Carillo!) would benefit from seeing the “real” Henin and stop the comparisons with a certain 17-yr old American!

    • dootsiez says :

      My gut feeling is yes. Serena/Justine matches would be a DREAM. As would Venus/Justine – USO07 SF anyone?

      I shouldn’t get excited. I’m probably going to be disappointed. But there’s a lot happening for it to be a coincidence.

      • Julie says :

        I’m not so confident about Venus now in anything but grass. And now that her knees are bothering her, I don’t know.. Serena seems a surer thing. Do I really want to watch Juju and Vee trade bagels the first two sets? No But what are the chances of Justine (or anyone really) bageling Serena in a Grand Slam?I’d say nil.

        My dream Justine comeback would read like this: her first round, she gets Ivanovic, 2 bagels. Second round: Oudin, one breadstick, 1 pretzel. Third round: Sharapova: 2 breadsticks. Fourth round: Clijsters: bagels all the way. Quarters: Safina: bagel bagel. Semis: JJ: 3 entertaining sets with Justine winning it. Finals: Serena: 3 sets that Serena better win after 4 hours of play! I guess it’s pretty clear which players I dislike!

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