USO Day 11: I care.

Del Poopoo is through to the semifinal of the US Open after coming back from a set and break deficit to defeat Marin in 4 sets. 

Bad execution and shot-selection for Marin on some key points meant that he couldn’t keep the momentum going despite a fairly strong start to the match. That, and also the fact that del Poop probably had a tad more fire in the belly than some of Marin’s previous opponents. Dude just kept bangin’ away and taking it to Marin.

Good fight by Poop, kid’s got a lotta heart and class. It’s hard to dislike him. 



Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images


That said, it’s hard to feel inspired by the future of men’s tennis either. 



The other quarterfinal between Rafa and Gonzo was called off after rain interrupted proceedings twice. Rafa was up a set, and leading in the tiebreak 3-2 (Gonzo to serve). Unless Gonzo comes out firing tomorrow, I think Rafa’s got it under control.


Before the tournament started, the players were asked about whether the US Open needed a roof. Most answered no. Roger said yes. 


“Is it necessary? Maybe not. I don’t know. With a roof you can make it more predictable for fans, sponsors, TV, players. That’s why it’s a good thing to have. That’s why I’m obviously for it.”


Clearly, the Weather Gods agree.

To say, as many have done, that the US Open shouldn’t get a roof because 1) “hey, we survived for so long without one”, 2) “God forbid we should somehow change the atmosphere of the stadium” is just conservative sentimentalism in an age that demands predictable television coverage and ticket sales. 

If Wimbledon can get over its own traditionalist nostalgia and acquire a roof for the sake of schedule-efficiency, then I think the folks in New York will survive the change too. Colour me surprised if they manage to hold out long after Roland Garros organisers succumb to the demands of a roof themselves.  

With rain forecasted in the next few days and the tournament running behind schedule for the second year in a row, it’s time for the US Open to keep up with the times. 



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17 responses to “USO Day 11: I care.”

  1. Julie says :

    Not only do they need a roof, they need to get rid of this “Super Saturday’ notion! What is it with cramming all the men’s semis on the same day of the women’s final??? But I’m not angry… I’ve just found a cure to the anger and frazzling previously associated with tennis and Federer: GLEE! I’ve watched the first 2 episodes of this show twice today and I feel all the latent rage and stress accumulated during Fed’s match last night (and the past couple of years!) slowly evaporating! I am officially frazzle-free and my blood pressure is at an all-time low (uh let’s hope it’ll last until saturday!).

    Off to listen to that “Rehab” cover for the umpeth times! Frazzle-free I tell you.

    • Noshali says :

      and how is GLEE btw? so much hype about it. i tend to be repulsed by shows that have so much hype. which is why i stick to shows like the office and supernatural.

      • Julie says :

        Glee is cheesy and corny as hell. But I love it! Jane Lynch as the cheerleader’s coach is hilarious and I have to say I like most of their songs covers. Considering CSI and Lost are my fave TV shows, I think it was time I added something light to my TV schedule (uh make that alongside 30 Rock!).

    • dootsiez says :

      I hate super saturday too. Good for the ratings, craphouse for the players. We have friday semis here in Aus and that’s hugely popular so really, it doesn’t make much difference.

      Funny enough you’re the third person to gush about Glee to me. I might get on to it, once the school of political science decides to stop kicking my ass with work.

  2. Noshali says :

    I can’t believe Gonzalez is not in the lead. I really want nadal to lose. but on the other hand, i would really like to see nadal vs feds in the finals, but if there’s one thing i’ve learnt after all these years of being a federer fanatic, its that you can never depend on feds to win a match, however much the odds are in his favour. still, would love love love to see feds KICK nadal’s ass and make HIM cry in front of millions of people.

    wow, i really need to learn some self-control!

    • dootsiez says :

      I don’t think Rafa cries in public, hehehe easy on the guy 😉
      I don’t have either Rafa or Federer in the final yet – they both have a semifinal to go. If Roger wants to defend his title, he has to go out there and really earn it.

      • Noshali says :

        lol, ur pretty hard on the guy (roger i mean). i hope djokovic has a case of the hiccups, and i hope its nadal in the finals rather than the others. atleast he has the knees to hold him back. i still haven’t learnt to trust fed’s talent after his bout of mono.

        but it would be really awesome if feds could beat nadal in a slam final.

        but as usual, newspapers like the mirror would obviously attribute the loss of nadal to the fact that he’s injured.

        ok…will stop rambling now.

      • dootsiez says :

        Nope. Not being hard on Roger, I just don’t take any of the 3 guys left for granted (assuming Rafa makes it past Gonzo, which he will).

        I don’t think Rafa’s knees will hold him back though. In fact, they look quite healthy. The healthiest they’ve looked for a long time. The abdominal injury doesn’t look fantastic, but it’s gotten him to the semis, so I think he’s in a relatively good state. Like I said, I don’t expect anything to hold any of the opponents back. Federer just has to go and earn it. If he doesn’t, then he doesn’t deserve victory. All’s fair in love and tennis 😉

        • Ann says :

          I agree with you about Roger. If he plays like he played the first two sets against Soderling, then no problem. I don’t care if the Sod was still in the locker room during those sets – that was pure magic from Rog, unexplainable by science. But…as soon as he’s threatened it’s like you can see him hovering over his title, protecting it. He gets defensive, doesn’t attack as much, and gives people chances. And who can blame him, really? How do you play lights-out tennis when you have everything to lose? But how do you beat the last two hungry guys if you can’t go for broke? It’s not easy being king.

          I’m not sure I’m with you on Rafa’s abs, though – they haven’t quite gotten him to the semis, after all, and if he hadn’t gotten this miraculous reprieve who knows how they would have held up last night? I think there’s every possibility the ab injury will hold him back even if he gets through today, which does seem likely. I mean – Del Potro? That will be another brutal match. Then to turn around and play again the next day… I don’t know – maybe the bigger worry with a guy like Rafa is not that he can’t get through this, but that he’ll push through and seriously injure himself. But maybe that’s the mother in me coming out…

        • dootsiez says :

          Hi Ann,

          It’s funny that people watch the same match and see it in difference ways. I don’t think Roger was getting defensive in the last two sets at all, nor do I think that Soderling was in the locker room for the first two sets. He just got smothered by Roger too early. By the third set, he had nothing to lose but his dignity so he kept swingin’ away. I don’t think there was anything wrong with Roger’s play in the last two sets. All credit to his opponent for stepping it up.

          As for Rafa’s abs. With or without them, I think he would’ve beaten Gonzo. Fernando can always be counted on to self-destruct. His style of play is too “dazzle-or-die”. He doesn’t have the sort of patience required to play Rafa. Unless he could come out today and simply dazzle. Rafa is going to walk away with a victory. And the same thing would’ve happened with or without the rain delay.

        • Ann says :

          Roger certainly was smothering at the start. When his serve and forehand are clicking like they were the other night…it’s gotta be pretty disheartening to be on the receiving end of that. Especially when you’re playing into a 20mph wind but Fed and all of his shots seem to be in a calm, still bubble. That was maybe the most amazing part of the match for me – Roger seemed to be playing in a different meteorological universe. I wouldn’t blame the Sod for being just plain scared that there was some sort of black magic at work.

          I’m sure you’re right about Rafa beating Gonzo. I think it’s most likely that he’ll beat Delpo, too; I just think there’s a strong chance he could re-injure the abs given the kind of crushing tennis he’s going to have to play in the next few days. Neither del Potro nor Federer/Djokovic will be likely to do him any favors by self-destructing. Then again, who knows – we’ve seen Roger self-destruct against Rafa before…

          Oh, but look at me getting ahead of myself. *Will not take SF victory for granted!* Though seriously – I have to say Roger is looking pretty unbeatable right now. Sorry if that’s too jinxy and makes you frazzle! 🙂

        • dootsiez says :

          I think it’s 50/50 between Rafa and Delpoop. But in a grand slam, my benefit of the doubt goes to Rafa. In terms of the tennis, delpo is 15-1 since Wimbledon. You just can’t argue with form. So … can’t decide. Gotta frazzle about the first semi 😉

          And ARGH Ann, you *know* jinxes make me frazzle. I know Roger looks pretty unbeatable right now, but he looked unbeatable in the quarter and semi in Australia. I was so sure that with Rafa coming off a tough 5 setter, Roger was going to win.

          Never been more wrong. *shudders*

        • SJ says :

          I really don’t want to see Rafa in the finals because Federer will hover on the baseline, lose confidence at the net and keep slicing to Nadal’s forehand, his serve will disintegrate and it will be awful to watch, having said that since his return Nadal has faced two in form top 10 players (Del Potro and Djokovic) and was beaten in straight sets, If he gets through his quaterfinal he will meet his first top 10 player of the tournament- Del Potro- Del Potro should beat Nadal and 4 or 5 sets but i wouldn’t be surprised or thrilled if Nadal wins, I think if Nadal were to beat Del Potro then Federer would need to play all out attcking tennis should he get to the final and make sure he does what he hasn’t done since 2007 which is to win the first set (or two) of the match.

          I agree the knees will not affect Rafa but they will come back to haunt him later in the season or at some point next year, knee tendonitis doesn’t just go away but he’s moving fine at the moment, his abdominal injury might bug him if someone gives him a test but he knows how to play with pain.

          Federer should play all out “dream tennis” (his words) and beat Djoko in 4 in his semi, then someone will need to give Potro what they gave to Murray a few days ago- I’m only joking I like Del Pony as long as he doesn’t beat Roger in a slam final.

        • dootsiez says :

          Yowza SJ,

          Place a little more trust in Federer! 😀 His serve disintegrated earlier in the year because of a legit injury. It held up fine against Rafa at Wimbledon last year, no? Del Potro’s beaten Rafa twice this year, but he remains unproven on the big stage. I think he can do it, but in a best of 5 set setting, the safer option at this stage is still Rafa.

  3. Mia says :

    There’s still the semis to play against Djokovic so am not taking that for granted. If I am to get into scenario-visioning for the finals, however, I would like for Roger to face Rafa. I like Del Potro — he’s a good kid and he likes Roger — but I prefer that Roger starts cutting into the head-to-head with Rafa. That is sure to have me frazzled big-time because no player unsettles Roger more than Rafa. Be that as it may, a champion has to face and overcome his fears. There is just no way around that.

    • Noshali says :

      AMEN! right on!

      as much as i dislike loosing my hair and nails, and starving due to fed frazzles, i really think its high time the tennis gods stop messing with roger meeting rafa, and let them have a go at each other.
      however, if roger does win, i swear i will put a bullet through the head of the person that says “that was only because rafa had bad knees”!

      • dootsiez says :

        So the verdict is: Roger, just kick ass?! 😀

        Eeeek all these hypotheticals are making me frazzle, especially with the semi looming.

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