Picket Fence Vid: Stupid wanker made my ears pop.

Who thinks Roger is back at his hotel right now replaying this point with a fit of giggles?

I’d bet my house on it, but I already lost that at the Australian Open this year. 


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9 responses to “Picket Fence Vid: Stupid wanker made my ears pop.”

  1. Tashi says :

    The KING. That is all.

  2. Julie says :

    The scream I let out when he made that shot wasn’t human! Don’t know if it’s his best shot ever (I really really loved that point he had against Roddick, don’t remember when exactly) but it’s certainly in the top 5 Federer shots of genius. After a bad saturday of tennis, this shot certainly redeemed the week-end for me. Now if only Fed would win against Delpo without too much fuss (by that I mean straight sets Fed), the week may be salvageable!

    Off to finish that bottle of Baileys so I don’t have to ruminate about last night’s match again!

  3. evie says :

    His greatest shot ever was the crosscourt FH in the Haas match at RG to save break point and set up the comeback of his career. But this one is a close second.

  4. JFK says :

    Bow in the presence of Greatness!! That was incredible.
    I’m so nervous for tomorrow. Del Po will be tough, Roger FTW!

  5. PJ says :

    Reminds me of that overhead lob smash against poor old Djoker LAST year. There’s something about USO/semifinal/Djoker that makes the Fed pull off these shots.

    It was freakin’ AMAZING. Though I wonder how much Lady Luck play a hand in that, haha. But he was so pleased with himself and showed uncharacteristic YAHOO. It was kinda adorably geeky.

    I feel sorry for Djoker who came so close to at least taking a set but ended up falling in straights. But then again, entertaining, entertaining match (except the first few games of the first set when both of them were just…firing randomly).

  6. Noshali says :

    wow. no words. its just unfair that there is so much perfection in this world. it makes me realize what an underacheiver i am :).

    i loved nole’s expression. he’s just going “what am i DOING? why do i even bother playing against this guy”.

    and federer, umm…WOWZA…is he god? i think so!

  7. Ann says :

    Hee hee – a fit of giggles is right on, no doubt! There was some interview with him – can’t think what it was – where he said he loves to read all the great stuff people write about him, and Mirka laughs at him for it. Between the giggling and the laughing at the giggling, the Federer camp was probably a pretty fun place to be last night.

    Here’s hoping they’re just as mirthful tonight! *crossing fingers*

  8. breadstix says :

    Just look at that glee in his face. He was probably sat in his overly decorated hotel room repeating this point over and over again and giggling… I know I would.

    Still though, dork. Imagine the stress we Fedfans would’ve been under had he MISSED that shot.

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