USO Day 14: the Wildest Card Ever.


Kimmaculate, Kimpressive, Kimpossible.

Kim Clijsters beat Caroline Wozniacki 75 63 to take her second slam title – something that I didn’t think would ever happen. I expected Kim to do well, to get into the top 10 on her comeback, but to win a slam in her third tournament back



Despite my praises of Clijsters’s newfound calmness on-court, she looked tense in the first few games of the fist set. Caroline was the one who got off to a quick start. But unlike on so many occasions in the first half of Kim’s career, she was able to steady herself. To manage her nerves.

 Well.. that, along with the fact that she’s just in a different class to Wozniacki. CWoz has a long way to go before she can get her hands on some heavy silverware. A good slam for her though – coming through a decimated draw with a positive and stable mentality


There’s been a chorus of “tsk task, what does this say about the WTA?” arising since the hour of her victory. I don’t want to get into it. There’s a time for celebrations and there’s a time for review. To take the moment away from Kim, who in her ernest celebrations touched more people than Venus, Serena or Maria Sharapova ever could, would be a travesty. 

This is exactly what the WTA needed. 



The extraordinary circumstances of her win is still sinking in for me now: 2 years away from the game, baby, family … yet Kim Clijsters came back fit, athletic, and calm. She came back to beat a string of top WTA players, and to take down both Venus and Serena – the standard bearers of quality in women’s tennis, en route to her title.

Her maturity, her support team and her newfound steadiness on-court compared to the first half of her career (and compared to Dinara & Co) are all positives we should be focusing on, rather than the cynical “pathetic field” argument

A fitting fairy tale to end the US Open. I grudgingly admit I shed a tear. Don’t judge me.




Polaroids FTW,

xx doots


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9 responses to “USO Day 14: the Wildest Card Ever.”

  1. Mia says :

    Kim fully deserved this, and even more so because she is actually one of the very few on the WTA side that comports herself as an adult. Here is someone you can actually call a good role model. Now, where is that picture of Roger and Kim huddled together in the USO players’ lounge? That may just be the shot of the tournament.

  2. flo says :

    Well, the night did probably mean one thing. There’s probably no way for Charlene Riva and Myla Rose to out-cute Jada individually, but as twins maybe…. Now I see why Rog and Mirka had twins; the guy just hates losing.

    • dootsiez says :

      Oh I dunno … once those hair genes kick in for Myla and Charlene, they’d be pretty unbeatable. 😛

      Jada is ADORABLE though. She made the trophy presentation so fun.

  3. Blue says :

    You are not the only one who shed a few. It was just like a fairy tale.

  4. EP says :

    I never saw Kim before she retired the first time, but I really like what I saw in this tournament. With everyone else imploding to see someone just playing solid tennis without freaking out was so nice.

    She totally deserved this.

    And Jada really liked the whole presentation thing too. She’s pretty adorable.

    • dootsiez says :

      Kim used to freak out a lot more. She was kinda like the first JJ – made a few finals and semis but ALWAYS got tight and let it slip. And she was a slamless No 1 too. She didn’t pull herself together until 2005 when she won this slam. Pity she never defended her title because of injuries and retired the next year.

  5. breadstix says :

    Bless her. :3
    I didn’t see the match (2am start after a whole evening of Men’s SF?? Think I’ll pass thnx), but just the thought of it, a month into her comeback and Kimmie’s already got another Slam under her belt. Inspiring, much?

  6. JFK says :

    Kim is awesome. Caroline didn’t play half bad either, she had a chance to serve for the first set. Way to go,Kimpossible.

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