USO FRAZZLE: Dear Tennis Gods, please let this be the winning pair. kthxbye.

Not that Federer and Kim chatting in a corridor isn’t full of total win in itself. 




Will Roger and Clijsters be the first mother and father pair to win the US Open? 

Or will del Potro be the “Chosen Juan”?

[Yup, you bet it took me my entire life to come up with that line.]



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14 responses to “USO FRAZZLE: Dear Tennis Gods, please let this be the winning pair. kthxbye.”

  1. sazzylove says :

    I’d say that surely is a sign.(fingers and toes crossed!)If that happens…it will be a tale of two parents indeed.

  2. Noshali says :

    omg can’t breathe!

    how cute is rfed. he’s such a nice person.

    i really hope its gonna be “the parents’ ” year!! fingers crossed!!

  3. breadstix says :

    Oh hell yeah I hope so. Sorry Delboy, maybe another year. How cute are they there, Kimmie and Federpoos? I hope you’re right and this turns out to be the year of the parents. Plz, tennis gods, plzplzplz let Roger win tonight…!

  4. Alex says :

    What did they talk about I wonder? Diaper changing tips?

  5. JFK says :

    Parents FTW!

  6. Ann says :

    I’m so sick of pre-match analyses that have Federer in four! Surely that’s the world’s biggest jink! Can they please just start playing already BEFORE I LOSE MY MIND?!?!

    *deep breaths*

    Sorry…but I knew you would understand. :-}

  7. Mia says :

    Sigh, so we’re still at 15 for now. Can’t be too greedy. Didn’t find the match superlative, with many errors on both sides. That said, the better player on the day won. Hah, that’ll have the British press gnashing their teeth — Delpo got his first major ahead of Toothface.

  8. Liz says :

    Too depressing, I’m crawling under the blanket for a while….

    • dootsiez says :

      Hey Liz,

      Blanket, angst music at the Karaoke, binge drinking …

      Do whatever it takes to get over it. I’m off to eat cake for lunch. 😀

  9. Julie says :

    Is it biologically possible to drink oneself to a week- long coma? Because I’m going to try. Hard. Happy for Delpo, better him than Murray, Nadal or heaven forbids, Djokovic. But surprisingly, I do not have a death wish, I guess RG too care of my suicidary tendencies. See ya in AO Fed. Take care of the twins and come back with a freaking serve! Also when you get more than 20 breakpoints, you better learn to take at least 15 of them! Just some things to work on during your break…

    • dootsiez says :

      if you find that coma inducing drink, lemme know. Can’t believe he lost it when he’s in a winning position. It’s like the Australian Open nightmare ALL OVER AGAIN.

  10. freakyfrites says :

    Sorry, dootsiez! Just try to remember the warm glow of that five-set victory over Roddick. . those 50 aces. . .or the amazing come from behind victory against Juan in the French that gave Roger the opportunity to complete the career grand slam.

    And at least it was Del Po who won it. . .not one of Roger’s nemeses. You know the guys I’m talking about.

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