Federer withdrawals? Your cure is right here.

Apparently, life goes on after the slams.


Cette fois c’est officiel : le numéro un mondial Roger Federer et le capitaine de Coupe Davis Severin Lüthi ont atterri à Gênes il y a quelques minutes à peine et ils vont rejoindre sous peu l’équipe suisse qui se prépare depuis une semaine dans le chef-lieu ligure à la rencontre qui l’opposera à l’Italie du 18 au 20 septembre. Federer qui a fait le voyage en Italie en compagnie de sa famille assistera à la conférence de presse de l’équipe suisse aujourd’hui à 15h30. 

Source: mytennis.ch


My translation:


This time it’s official: the World Number One Roger Federer and Davis Cup captain Severin Luthi landed in Genova a few minutes go and they will soon join the Swiss team which is preparing for a week in the Ligure capital city for the tie against Italy from September 18 to 20. Federer, who has traveled to Italy with his family, will attend the press conference of the Swiss team today at 15:30. 



3 responses to “Federer withdrawals? Your cure is right here.”

  1. pban says :

    his kids will soon have travelled round the world in less than 80 days, all before they are less than 60 days old .i hope all his girls stay healthy .

    • dootsiez says :

      private jet, 5 star hotels, English nanny, Roger and Mirka as parents …. they’ll be fine! 😀

      • pban says :

        doots i am a doctor and i think he is taking a big risk even with all the conveniences at his disposal. Twins are always a little more prone to infections as their body weights are lower than that of single babies.

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