Picspam: Homecoming and the “Clay Court Specialist”.

The US Open champs return home heros. Yay for Belgium and Argentina.

I feel unjustifiably denied. 




Image via Eduardo Puppo


Meanwhile, instead of curling up on his couch and sobbing through a marathon of Patrick Swayze exploits on Dirty Dancing, “clay court specialist” Roger Federer is practicing in Italy just two days after losing at the US Open.

What do you mean he’s not collapsed in a heap of exhaustion and letdowns after the summer he’s  had? Get out of my face! 

And clay. Is pure mind-fuckery. 



Love this photo. Preparing for battle.




STOP SMILING. Ginger ale + vodka = my salvation.



And. This photographer has a foot fetish.



So do I.


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26 responses to “Picspam: Homecoming and the “Clay Court Specialist”.”

  1. breadstix says :

    Clay hasn’t treated Rogi at all badly this year. And boy does he look good in red… :3 Aaawwwhhwwh, and look at del Poo and Kimmie greeting the crowds, so much happiness going on there.
    Oooh, and finally got my hands on sept. issue of Vogue. 😀 yayayaya. Happy-Roger-winning-things pictures work wonders on my mood.

    • dootsiez says :

      hehehe I think Roger mentioned in the presscon that he felt like he was becoming a bit of a clay court specialist this year. 😉

  2. LJ says :

    i thought he was tired? bitch shoulda tried harder in the final then…pfff, at least DC is on clay and not deco.

  3. girl from michigan says :

    Non-watermark pics have been posted at forums or you can see them here:

  4. mgasol says :

    dootsiez, you are a brave soul for posting delpo pics even though you’re hurting. 🙂 I have a friend who is a rabid Fed fan and before the start of the finals, I made it clear to her that I will be celebrating whichever way the match goes (as I am both a Roger and a Delpo fan) and now that Delpo has won, she is making me feel guilty for apparently “siding with Elf all along”. I know that she is saying this through the haze of pain and is not in her right mind right now. She is now drowning herself in ice cream and has claimed that she is in the second stage of grief which is anger. She kept saying mean things about Elf (which I find real funny) She said that he will surely suffer the same fate of all those who have beaten Fed (meaning this will be his first and last GS). Should I be blaming the tennis gods for this? Is this a natural reaction for all Fedheads? Should I feel guilty for not feeling as much pain for this Fed loss as I would have if he had lost to any other player besides Elf? 😀

    • dootsiez says :

      Hi mgasol!

      I may not be a fan of Elf, but I’d like to think that I am fair, no? *sob sob sob sob* Even if I’m a tad sad 😦

      He earned the win, and thus deserve the hype, the photo frenzy etc. I have to acknowledge his guts and fight. And frankly, better Elf than … well, you know the ones I’m talking about.

      As for your friend, I suggest chocolate ganache, vodka, rewatching the Roland Garros final, and this youtube clip. She should reach Zen by the end of it!

  5. Tashi says :

    The more pix I see of DelPo the more attractive he becomes. He’s just so tall. Tall men are hard to find.

    I remember watching the Sydney 2007 final with Kim and JJ and just asking the tennis gods why Kimmy was leaving. And now she’s back! If JuJu comes back I think I might explode from happiness.

    Roger looks yummy. The chocolate swirls and the dorky smile kill me.

    • dootsiez says :

      del Potro ain’t bad looking, but he’d look a lot better if I liked his tennis. I didn’t think Roger was good looking until I started liking his tennis. These things go hand in hand 😉

      I hope Kim will play a few tournaments for the rest of the season, but I dunno if she even has a schedule yet. The WTA better get her a wildcard to the YEC. It’ll be a shame if the US Open champ didn’t make the cut.

  6. EP says :

    How can you be mad at Roger when he’s smiling like that? Guh..

    • dootsiez says :



      *dies a little inside*

      • EP says :

        Awww poor Roger…. D:

        I’m still kinda looking at it as “Roger wanted to make Muzz look bad by letting Delpo win a Slam before he (Muz) won one. So now everyone in the top 6 but Muzz has won a Slam. Nyah”.

        Although really, it’s only a matter of time before Muzz wins a Slam…. okay I’m going to shut up now and just stare at Roger.

  7. Dippy says :


    I have to confess, I love your site simply because you post very nice pictures of my fave player Roger (drooling buckets of saliva here) and you are equally nice to other players as well. How you get your hands on these pictures are beyond me, I don’t care – just continue posting those great pictures.

  8. Noshali says :

    omg his shoes! ok dootz, i officially surrender. i give up my “i hate roger federer. never watching tennis again” fast. crap! but how can you resist him.

    thank god, i’ve finally moved on to the acceptance part of the grieving process. hope its works out for me and planning on moving on to the rage part very soon. see you guys on the other side :).

  9. Ann says :

    As a follow-up to Dippy, I love your site because you post very nice pictures of Rogi and are equally nice to other players as well *except those certain ones who shall remain nameless*, against whom you say all those mean things I feel guilty for saying myself. 😉

  10. roadrunnerz says :

    Love the shoe shot! And the typical undone laces. 🙂

  11. pban says :

    Which stage does acute depression and complete despair fall into ,i don’t think i go thru the 5 stages . i am quite sure rage is not something i can ever harbour for roger……but bewilderment sure is a huge part of my grief and acceptance certainly not.

    • dootsiez says :

      Believe it or not, acute depression fits right before acceptance in the 5 stages.

      Look at it this way: I said after Wimbledon that anything more is gravy. I just want Roger to relax and play some gorgeous tennis. And he did! From Montreal to the US Open – sure he didn’t win everything, but he played fantastic tennis. Evened some old scores. And if he continues to play like that, I *know* he’ll win more slams. Cheer up pban! 😀

      • pban says :

        Thanks doots i really needed to hear that since that is exactly what i told myself after wimby. fact is i feel he just needed to come down to earth. lol read somewhere that he has been fined for his outburst, don’t know why but i find it extremely satisfying that he let out some steam.

        • Noshali says :

          weirdly enough, when he gets ticked off at the umpire, its almost like a precursor to me that he won’t win. the only time i remember him losing his cool was against djokovic. and then there was wimbledon’08. ok, will never visit those memories again.

          anyways, back to my point being that if he loses his cool, its almost guaranteed that he will lose the match. maybe i’m wrong.

        • dootsiez says :

          Nah it was Wimbledon 07 when Roger had that outburst with the “shit, it’s killing me’, and he won the match.

        • Noshali says :

          i stand corrected.

  12. JFK says :

    Roger is moving on and so should we. It will be good for him to hang out with his Swiss Friends.

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