Davis Cup Picspam: Go – hibernation. NOW!

Summer is drawing to a close at last in the Northern Hemisphere, and Roger Federer, who has played every match but two in every tournament he’s entered since the Madrid Masters, is just about totally spent.



[FACT: everything about picture above is beautiful. Including my tinkering with the color saturation.]


After his straight sets drubbing of Potato StarAce , Roger complained of general exhaustion and a leg problem. Gee, is anyone surprised? I get tired just looking at him. 


“It was a tough weekend for us and I’m happy I could help Switzerland win. I was able to play very well. I have to go on holiday badly. I have a problem with my leg, I have a problem with my arm — everything is hurting. And I’ve got to do some baby-sitting.




Meanwhile, the Fed is in Italy and suddenly, every pumpkin-tanned Italian celebrity wants a photo with the Leonardo Da Vinci of tennis. Well … if you insist, Georgio Armani


Image Credit: EQ via ATP


Now Roger, here’s a blanket and a pillow: HIBERNATION. I don’t want to see your friggin face for at least another week.

As Switzerland clinched its place in the world group, so did India. After losing Leander Paes and Mahesh Bhupathi from the team to injuries, India made its way into the Davis Cup World Group for the first time in 11 years, lead by two time NCAA singles champion Somdev Devvarman. 


Lee Warren/Gallo Images/Getty Images


The Somdev Millionaire had won his first singles rubber, but had a slow start against RSA’s Rik de Voest. After getting down 2-sets-to-0, the 24 year old, who just turned pro last year, fought back valiantly to win 36 67(3) 76(5) 62 64. 


Over in the Netherlands, Jo-Willy did his bit for the Fraternity, winning all 3 rubbers to seal the place for France in the World Group.

His opponent, former junior Wimbledon champ Thiemo de Bakker put up a spirited challenge, at times outhitting Tsonga. But Jo-Willy kept his marbles this time, closing out the tie 76(5) 62 36 76(4) as the Fraternity showered him with love and affection. 


AP Photo/Ermindo Armino


REUTERS/Paul Vreeker/United Photos


Jojo liked it.


For the rest of the ties: the Sod can now party with the Swedes, as he steamrolled Hanescu 75 61 60 to hand Sweden the place in the World Group next year.

Excuse me as I interrupt my own write-up with a plea to the Tennis Gods.


Dear Tennis Gods,

The Yoker must make the World Tour Finals.

Yours in tennistical angst,


PS. Put the Sod, del Potro and Rafa in the same quarter at the Australian Open next year. Kthxbye!


Getting back to the DC, Serbia and Belgium also made their way into the World Group, with the remaining spots still to be decided between Chile/Austria, Brazil/Ecuador.


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14 responses to “Davis Cup Picspam: Go – hibernation. NOW!”

  1. LJ says :

    okay personally I think rog should just take the rest of the season off (except for TMC). I’m spent just watching the guy, I can’t imagine how tired he is after the 1023947409 ridiculous amount of hours he’s spent on the court since madrid.

    But alas, ATP season is a LONG LONG, slog. And the run-up to the US-open was ridiculously long too. I almost wish he hadn’t decided to play montreal.

  2. pban says :

    Everything is so beautifully balanced even the puny left arm ,and the hair omg absolutely perfect. It is not fair, no man should look so beautiful while playing that it is sinful to watch him on court. I think roger is gunning for the year end no 1 so he will play quite a few tourneys between now and TMC,i am still not sure about tokyo though.

    • dootsiez says :

      I think barring a serious injury, he’ll definitely play the two masters, YEC and Basel.

      But I agree, at this point, Tokyo is the most expendable if he’s still feeling bad by the end of the week. It’ll be a bummer if he gets points penalty for pulling out though.

  3. Julie says :

    Rog, I think it’s time to lay off the unbutonned/largely opened collar look off-court! It’s got an old 70s porn-director feel to it that is unbecoming of a father of 2! I love that you love to flash your very sexy hairy throat and pecs but there’s a fine line between flaunting what you got and auditioning for a remake of Deepthroat!

    Also what is it with those Italian designers and the tanning booths? How did orange ever become a desirable skin tone?

    • dootsiez says :

      hehehe speak for yourself. I like deep throats. 😉

      But I gotta say, the worst part is that the collars are flicked over his jacket.

      Yeah Fed, my dad used to do that … in the 90s. 😛

  4. JFK says :

    Good job, Roger! I hope he takes a long hot bubble bath and has a nice hibernation.

  5. Mia says :

    Zomg … could Armani be mulling a tie-up with the Raj? Can’t blame him — the man can pull off a suit like nobody can on the tour. But nothing Beckhamesque, okay?

  6. Dippy says :

    Roger deserves some quiet time with his girls. Hope he will feel better after 2 weeks rest. Is not right for me to say this, best he tanks Tokyo so that he is primed to win at Basel. What’s with the orange tan trend amongst italian designers – Valentino, Donatella and now Armani?

    • dootsiez says :

      Actually he’s got 2 weeks off after Shanghai for Basel/Paris. But obviously I’d rather him relax and stay healthy for the Masters than head to Tokyo and turn up to Shanghai tired again

  7. Alex says :

    He should skip Tokyo, take the points penalty – that’s what his nice cushion at #1 is for. Then go for the win in Shanghai Masters + Basel + TMC. All 2 weeks apart, so not too grueling.

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