Torn and Tattered.


The Lawn Tennis Association of Thailand has confirmed Rafa’s withdrawal from Bangkok.


“Nadal has informed organisers that he has an acute rupture of the right abdominal muscle and would like to withdraw from the Thailand Open,” LTAT president Suwat Lipatapanlop told AFP.


Ouch. That sounds nasty. 

Without Rafa, the tournament will be headed by defending champ Jo-Willy, compatriot Gilles Simon as well as Marat Safin. Rafa is still down for Beijing and Shanghai.

I’m just trying to figure out how he managed to come back from one injury and go straight into another one. What was he doing on those fishing trips in Mallorca? Fishing dolphins?

GET WELL SOON Rafa! I’d rather see you bitching Fed than pulling out of tournaments or losing to little shits. (And yes, I will regret saying that one day.)


2 responses to “Torn and Tattered.”

  1. breadstix says :

    O’cause we’ll regret saying that, but I’ll still miss Rafa. It’s not just the same without him around to steamroll Fed every once in a while. 😦 How on earth *did* he manage another injury so quickly anyway? Knee and then abdomen…

    Oh, Rafa. :((

  2. waw_rinka says :

    Rafa is such an intimidating monster that he can reach the US Open semi-finals on one leg… makes you wonder what the guy has in store when he’s 100% fit. If he remains fit for the rest of his career, Rafa might just be the first to tickle’s Roger’s grand slam record.

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