Justine Henin Retirement Watch: Salvation is near.

Coming from AP: 


Former world No. 1 star Justine Henin is ready to announce her return to the WTA Tour on Tuesday, according to a pair of Belgian newspapers.
Le Soir and La Derniere Heure reported the news on Monday.


The ticker on tennis.com:


Justine Henin will announce her return to competiton on Tuesday, reports Le Soir.

Belgian press also report that Henin has agreed to be a guest on Belgian news program RTL-TVI on Monday or Tuesday night, after previously declining interview requests.


Tennis Gods, I forgive you for the US Open debacle. We can be friends again.

Too early to partay?


4 responses to “Justine Henin Retirement Watch: Salvation is near.”

  1. Liz says :

    This sounds pretty definite. I can hardly wait! Return of the killer backhand!

  2. Tashi says :

    *tries to contain excitement* AAAHHH!!!

  3. Julie says :

    Party party party! Juju’s back! Bring on the nasty Serena!

  4. flo says :

    I like what Amer Delic on her reasons for coming back – WTA competition = fish in a barrel. Especially at the slams, bar Serena. And Venus at Wimbledon and maybe Clijsters and Mash.

    As for Unicef, kids dying from hunger doesn’t rank in the overall scheme of things when compared to the noble pursuit of hitting a fuzzy greenish-yellow ball for prize money.

    Roger + Warwrinka = Rogowska?

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