Metz: Reeshie wins a match. At last.

Thought you might like to know: Reeshard Gasquet won his first match since returning from his suspension, beating Germany’s Michael Berrer in 3 sets at the Open de Moselle in Metz, 63 26 76(5).


Credit: l’equipe


This is Gasquet’s first win in the main draw of a tournament since being reinstated in August. Reeshie failed to qualify for the tournament in New Haven and lost first round at the US Open to Rafa. 

After splitting the first two sets with Berrer with two breaks of serve each, Gasquet held his nerve and held his serve in the last set and toughed out the tiebreak.

Yes. Gasquet toughs things out too, once in a while. 

Let’s hope that this is the beginning of the end of the nightmare for Reeshie. It’s about time the Tennis Gods left him alone.


One response to “Metz: Reeshie wins a match. At last.”

  1. SJ says :

    Yay! Reeshard I was going to give up on you, please win a match or two or three in a row, win the whole tournament?kthxbye.

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