Quotable Quotes: “It’s easy being me.” Or so claims the Fed.

Yeah Rog, so easy.

That’s why we all eat breakfast out of trophy bowls and bake cookies on runner-up trays.

A fabulous interview with Federer was posted on LASTAMPA.it and translated by the People’s Republic of RF.com. 

In the interview with the Italian publication, Roger talked about almost everything, from the US Open final, his musical taste, David Foster Wallace, to God and the after life … thoughts so deep you could happily drown in them. 


The Roger Federer that no one knows. He plays the piano, loves Michael Jackson, is terrified of spiders, snakes and parachuting. He shows off here and there, the Mozart of tennis, flashes of unsuspected dark humour, as when he dealt with the suicide of David Foster Wallace, the most lyrical of his idolatries. 


Not posting the whole thing, just some extracts. Head off to RF.com if you want to read the article.

The extracts will be interspersed with pictures of the Feds leaving Italy.

Italian paparazzi, you fail. How could you not manage to get a photo of  the Mighty Babes? Huh!? Huh!!???

My ovaries will not be denied.



Federer on the US Open final: 


We imagine you’d be depressed and unhappy, still in the nightmare of Del Potro’s heavy shots.

 Eh, the night after, I went through the images of the match in my head. Of course I was sorry but I also knew that I played a great tournament and that perhaps I didn’t deserve to lose. However I lost against a great Del Potro and that in the end, tennis always wants a victim. 


Can you say much about the final between Federer and Del Potro: Beauty verses strength? 

I’d say so. He plays with great pace and I have to respond with intelligence. It’s always the nature of the contest that one of the two is physically less exceptional. I took many right decisions during the match, but I didn’t always execute them in the right way. 


On his musical taste. 


Music is very important. I like to listen to it, especially when I’m driving. I’ve played the piano since I was a boy. I really like dance [music] but these days I am closer to rock. (I listen) to everyone, I love Michael Jackson.


Roger playing piano? Ah a finger-fetisher can dream … 



Jelena I-don’t-bother-watching-women’s-tennis Jankovic, take note!


The most pleasing tennis player to watch on tv?

 I really enjoyed watching Sampras against Agassi…I am a fan of my sport. I like to watch it apart from playing it, I like to study tactics. I see everything, even the doubles and the women’s tournaments. 


For the first time that I know of, Roger talked a little bit about the late David Foster Wallace, author of the now biblical “Roger Federer as Religious Experience”:


Foster Wallace wrote: “to watch Federer play is a religious experience”

 I did a half hour interview with him at Wimbledon, one of the strangest that I’ve ever done. As I was going, I was still asking myself what we had said. I was very shocked by his suicide. 


Did you have any idea?

I wish, I’m sure that it wasn’t because of me … artists like him have very high ideals that life unfortunately doesn’t hold up to. He wrote a wonderful essay on me. Even thanks to him, the world is, for me, a better place. 


Um .. the conversation then took a turn for the deep end as Roger discussed religion and the after life. 



 Only a bit, I admit it. I don’t go to church often, I’m not a regular, also because of my work. 


Is there another life or is this enough, when we ask Roger Federer?

 I’d like the idea of another life. I am doubtful, let’s say 50/50




Being the guy that beats the crap out of people but frustrates all the macho wankers with his honest tears and fears, Roger listed his various phobias. 


I am afraid of the idea of parachuting into an empty space. And then I’m scared of snakes and spiders. 


Pffft, chicken.

But here are my two favourite quotes from the interview: 


How complicated is it to be Roger Federer?

 It’s very easy. It will become complicated the day that I don’t enjoy myself anymore.


A diehard fan wrote: “the beauty of Roger Federer’s movement is perhaps not just essential to tennis, but to life,”

 Thank you. In truth, I think that he can live even without Roger Federer. Tennis is greater than the tennis player.” 


Well, talk about a well-balanced human being.



Thanks to Sarah Solana from RF.com for the wonderful translation. I took the liberty of editing it a little bit to avoid sounding like Wawrinka’s webmaster.

Photo credit to Celebrity-Gossip.net


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32 responses to “Quotable Quotes: “It’s easy being me.” Or so claims the Fed.”

  1. Blue says :

    I think this is one of his best interviews ever, thank you!

  2. mgasol says :

    I wish I can say (or write, rather) something eloquent or beautiful in response to this interview, unfortunately I can’t… so all I can say is that it’s great to be a Roger Federer fan!

  3. freakyfrites says :

    Nice interview! I can so see the Swiss Celebrity Fear Factor with Roger, a parachute and bag full of snakes.

  4. Tashi says :

    He’s a beautiful human being inside and out.

    “Tennis is greater than the tennis player.”

    Love RF. Always will.

  5. judy says :

    great post. awesome interview. interesting answers. i’d love to read the whole thing, the english translation. can you point me in a more specific direction? is it on rogerfederer.com? rf.com is something else. thank you!

    • JFK says :

      It’s rogerfederer.com, go to the Forum ( you have to be a registered member) and click on “Roger and Tennis” then click on “2009 News Clippings” and it will be on p.141 of the thread

  6. roadrunnerz says :

    I was too distracted by Mirka’s funky sweater to pay much attention to the interview quotes!! What was she wearing??

    It actually all sounds slightly too…profound for Fed. Especially after that singing video…

    That said, I’m such a sucker for men that play the piano. Just the thought of him sitting at a piano and those long, tanned fingers gliding over the keys….*uber-swooniness*

    • FortuneCookie says :

      Haha,I couldn’t help thinking of the drunken chant when reading this as well! 😛
      Any way of finding that David Foster Wallace interview from Wimbledon though?Sounds like it’d be pretty interesting…

      • Liz says :

        The interview is on the NYTimes website, Federer as a Religious Experience. If you google the title, it’s the first one up. Let’s just say he was a BIG fan!

      • dootsiez says :

        Is it the same one of “Religious Experience” or did Wallace do another one with Federer?

        One minute Fed’s drunkenly chanting “see you soon/on the moon”. The next he’s talking about God, and life and David Foster Wallace.


        • Liz says :

          The mighty Google didn’t find another piece by DFW (at least my lazy perusal of the first page of links). I don’t know for sure! I did think of him after the French Open, and wished he had stuck around to see Roger win.

          I love this interview. I love the way he talks so freely about his thoughts and feelings.

        • dootsiez says :

          It’s so sad once you put it like that. I’d like to think that tennis, in particular Roger’s tennis, made DFW a bit happier. 😦

          But it wasn’t enough.

    • robert says :

      “Da ragazzo suonavo il pianoforte” simply means that he used to play the piano when he was a boy, not that he plays it now.

      • roadrunnerz says :


        There goes my swoony image. 😦

        Piano, suit, Rolex, tanned hands, ivory key…*sigh*

      • dootsiez says :

        Hehehe there’s no rule saying that just because he used to play, he can’t play now. *daydreams*

        Piano, suit, Rolex, tanned hands, ivory keys, dootsie on top of a grand piano… *epic sigh*

  7. JFK says :

    Wow. That was the best interview I’ve ever read with Fed. I’m really proud to be a fan of his.

  8. Julie says :

    Ah there goes my dream of counting Fed as a fellow atheist! I still love you though lol How people can call the man a DB or unbalanced is besides me. Sure he has his fits of arrogance (“Don’t tell me to be quiet okay?”) but overall he’s just a sincerely nice guy. Mirka, you lucky woman!

  9. pban says :

    You know whatever people might say about him roger is happy in his own skin, he is not a hypocrite so he does not show excessive humility no.Why should he,.anyone with a grain of tennis sense can see what he does on the tennis court .And he still wins all the people and players choice awards…i think that shows more than anything else that he is generally a very amiable sort. Arrogant, all great ones are….. if one applies the normal standards to them but roger remains more or less down to earth probably because of mirka…thank god for her. wonderful interview couldn’t find the link for the english translation though.

    • dootsiez says :

      It’s pretty amazing how secure he is. I think it’s pretty safe to say that he wouldn’t have made it through so many years at the top without being so easy going and self-assured.

  10. pban says :

    Ithink the most telling testament to his personality is Roger’s own statement where he said that he found it more difficult to become no. 1 than to remain there.The fact that he is the one everyone is gunning for never seems to bother him.However he is not as laidback as he would like us to believe, it is just that he is good at keeping all the turmoil in control except for a few small outbursts here and there.He is human after all and much as we love him for his talent it is his normalcy which endears him to all his fans.No wonder there is a worldwide mourning when he loses.What will we do when he retires ??? I shudder to even imagine an existence without Roger .

    • dootsiez says :

      hmm interesting thought. I actually think Roger’s *more* laid back a person than he would have us believe. He’s intense during matches, but seems to get over them much faster than his fans. Even when the media was writing him off during the hard court season last year, he took it easy and enjoyed himself throughout the US Open, and oops – he comes away with a slam.

      Fascinating person, this Federer guy.

  11. pban says :

    love him either way and no matter what….;
    so it is pointless to debate.

  12. pban says :

    However just to add a little something to our debate he too has never rewatched wimby 2008 , he said he might when he is older probably 25 years from now.

    • dootsiez says :

      well … that match is different. That match took the life out of me for a whole month.

      • pban says :

        Same here,in fact i don’t think i have forgiven the tennis gods for it yet . However after the french open this year i get this feeling that it was his destiny to lose everything before they gave him the one he so dearly wanted.

        • roadrunnerz says :

          Wimby ’08 was the hardest Fed loss ever, for sure. It’s not even close. I can’t rewatch that one either.

          But I have to admit, 2008 was also the year that changed me from a casual Fed fan, to a HARDCORE Fed fan.

          The fact that he found a way to rebound from those losses (the blowout out at the French combined with the heartbreaker at Wimby) while at the same time everyone under the sun was writing him off, is what made me admire him more than anything else.

          Never mind the fact that he did it all over again this year. Unbelievable.

          And I love your analogy, that it was this year, of all years, after a string of losses, that he’d get the French.

          Sweetest victory for sure.

      • Mia says :

        Haven’t re-watched it in its entirety either, only the 3rd and 4th sets.

  13. pban says :

    I have been a rabid fan since 2004, any fed loss still spells doomsday for me. But 2008 proved to me that i would always root for him no matter what.I simply cannot leave him even if it means watching punks beat him….and enduring the pain of watching him suffer. 2008 and 2009 just made us and roger stronger.

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