Fence Fluff: Whining and Dining with the Djokovic’s.

You gotta give it up to the Djokovic clan for their business acumen. With rumours of Novak changing clothing sponsors and what not, the Djoko’s have opened up their fourth restaurant in Serbia, with the refreshingly original name of … ‘Novak’.

Geez Louise dude,  get a monogram. 


“Novak Cafe & Restaurant” was officially opened on Sunday evening, next to the tennis courts, the venue where the Serbia Open, the first ATP tournament in Serbia, was held in May.

Djokovic family once again showed they’re good hosts. They welcomed guests at the entrance of the fourth facility of that kind called “Novak” (Cafe & Restaurant in New Belgrade and Dorcol, Cafe in Kragujevac and Kraljevo).

There were more than 400 guests, and among them numerous public figures of Serbia: Interior Minister Ivica Dacic, famous lawyer Toma Fila, songwriter Kiki Lesandric, jazz musician Vasil Hadzimanov, Sladjana Slavkovic, Igor Miklja and others.

Source: novakdjokovic.rs


Fact #1: Jelena Ristic either bathes in pumpkin juice or uses the same tanning salon as Giorgio Armani. 

Fact #2: Marko Djokovic is total jailbait.




12 responses to “Fence Fluff: Whining and Dining with the Djokovic’s.”

  1. TopSpin says :

    I’d prefer the infinitely more gaudy ‘Club Novak’.

    But you’re right, you really have to hand it them.

    BTW any news of what clothing sponsor he’s changing to?

  2. JFK says :

    Yup, def bathes in pumpkin juice.
    I like Novak, just don’t care much for his parents.

  3. Alex says :

    Another vote for “Club Novak”. I can just imagine him doing a guest-star on Miami Vice back in the day wearing that suit. Well ditch the jeans and put on a proper pants you’re just getting started. Maybe he could play a drug king-pin or something.

  4. Julie says :

    I don’t know who’s worst: Serena or the Djkovic family. What they both have in common is the willingness to pimp themselves (by themselves I mean their name and brand) to the highest bidder. I’ve just watched Rena’s tv ad for Tampax I’m traumatized lol It’s so ridiculous, so Serena it’s hilarious!

  5. anne says :

    1) Don’t insult other commenters. Example:
    ALLOWED: “Roger Federer is pathetic.”
    NOT ALLOWED: “Julie is pathetic.”

    2) Don’t make derogatory remarks about other countries, including America. Especially since neither of the people you were targeting your comments at is from the US. As you’re so hung up on “intelligent people” and “pathetic people”: intelligent people don’t just assume that all English speakers are American or “evil capitalist cows”.

    3) My blog. My rules.

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