Fashion: Roast Salmon.

Nike’s summer 2010 range:

Rafa looks like a giant atlantic fish.




Fed … blue again. *Yawn* 





Will someone sign my “Get Roger in Lime Green” petition? 


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26 responses to “Fashion: Roast Salmon.”

  1. Tashi says :

    Rafa’s wearing a freaking rainbow and Roger gets blue again. I am so tired of the blue!

  2. LJ says :

    i stil think AO 06 lime green was one of the best outfits ever. I remember trying in desperate vain to find the lime bandana and wristband but alas prices on ebay where too expensive for my student income.

    • dootsiez says :

      Fed looks minty fresh in lime green. Even at Wimbledon when he was wearing the basel FC shirts, it looked great! Lime green is the perfect color for the happy slam too. Meh. Nike you disappoint me.

    • Mia says :

      I want to see him in apple green or any shade of green for as long as it’s not neon.

  3. sazzylove says :

    rafa in clay court color and roger in blue AO color.Bring on the good luck charm.Hehe

  4. JFK says :

    I want to see Fed in lavender. That’d be real easy on the eyes.

  5. Jonny says :

    Is it me or did they photoshop rafa’s bandana, shirt and shorts? They look awfully fake.

    • dootsiez says :

      it’s all digitally imposed. Federer’s as well. It was just done better. 😉 Fed and Nadal don’t go and pose in these things.

  6. Julie says :

    Rafa’s head doesn’t look like it belongs to the rest of his body on that photo. Where’s his neck? My 5 year-old god-daughter could do better than that!

  7. pban says :

    whatever he does Roger must not wear that blue at AO ,white with lime green or the lovely striped ensemble of 2007 should make a comeback.,blue is unlucky at Melbourne……must we think of everything, what is Mirka there for.

  8. Dippy says :

    I prefer Roger in red, blue is just boringg…..lime green is cool too.

  9. pban says :

    yeah he looks great in red .Why he didn’t wear the red outfit for the us open finals is beyond me.It worked so well last year.

    • Ann says :

      I thought the same thing about the USO final outfit – I had a feeling of dread as soon as he walked on court. Black at night is, “This is what Nike thought would be cool for night matches.” Black in the day, when we all know he has day-wear, says “I am going to crush you,” which should remain implicit with Roger. It was bad karma wearing black in the day.

  10. girl from michigan says :

    I’ve heard that Rafa will be wearing some sleeveless outfits durin 2010.

    What a tease.

  11. Ann says :

    Fed looks great in blue. Works for me!

    But poor Rafa…is that some kind of net shadow on his shorts, or did someone run over them with a tractor? They can’t be serious.

    • dootsiez says :

      those shorts are unfortunate. I’m all for keepin’ it simple for shorts. getting creative with them is just flirting with disaster.

  12. Rachel says :

    I love Roger in blue!!!!!!!

  13. breadstix says :

    Roger looks good in blue though… and red… They should spice things up a bit and put him in orange or, like you mention, green or summut (was yellow the colour that he said that he didn’t like? Eh, can’t remember…). I nearly said pink as well then, but we all know how well that worked out for a few others…

    Rafa’s shorts are icky, thought that might be down to the bad photoshoppin’. :/

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