Fence Fluff: So you really want to be like Federer heh?

Saw these on RN.com (yes, I fraternize with the ene – umm … other players’ fans), Roger may have his monogrammed pillows, but does that really trump monogrammed towel sets and bathrobes? 

I don’t fink so?!





The monogrammed manchester came from the hotel room Rafa booked for his “romantic holiday” with Xisca, also known as the Thai Open. 




Rafa reportedly also reserved a private boat, a private plane and three dedicated butlers, which set him back around £50,000. This holiday never eventuated, because of a rather inconvenient 15mm tear on his abdominal muscles, but such taste for extravagance sparked rumors of an imminent proposal. 

Either that, or he just wanted to get it on. 




Meanwhile, the China Open organisers are feeling a little blue these days.

They have not ruled out the possibility that Rafa will miss the tournament in Beijing, stating that while Rafa expected to be out only for 2 weeks after the US Open, much of his ability to compete in Asia depends on his rehabilitation, which could take up to 4 weeks. 



17 responses to “Fence Fluff: So you really want to be like Federer heh?”

  1. Liz says :

    Xisca is known as the Thai Open? Sorry, couldn’t resist! 🙂

    That is one amazing hotel room! MUCH better than the psychedelic carpet in Roger’s US Open room.

  2. AB says :

    That’s from the tournament’s sponsor hotel. He gets that room bec he is he no. 1 seed.

    The hotel he booked for a holiday is in Krabi and overlooks the sea, and looks totally different from this.

    • robert says :

      And, holiday in Krabi was planned almost a year ago, not with Xisca, but with 12 of his best mates, as a fishing expedition, to help promote Thai tourism (as confirmed by the Thai tourist officials). Even a meeting with Thai Prime Minister was planned.

      So, the British tabloid invented a story. Fancy that.

  3. Paul says :

    Hey, lovin your blog, you are incredibly funny although you don’t write G’Day enough for an Aussie. Found it via a link from a dude’s blog called Ruan. Just though I’d give him cred for gettin you another reader.

  4. divinedevilxyz says :


    You should prolly send these pics to some of those Fed hating (and/or monogram_hating) vomit blogs and wait for their response. not that each such hypocritical blog will suddenly turn into the voice of reason or something.. 😉

  5. breadstix says :

    Nice decor… definately trumps Roger’s US suite.

  6. JFK says :

    “Either that, or he just wanted to get it on. ”

    • Alex says :

      Yeah I’m thinking he wanted to get it on. The question is why can’t he do that in Mallorca? Surely he has his own private house by now/

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