Picspam: Don’t you wish your tennis was that hot?

You gotta love these Adidas “Me, Myself” campaigns. Ivanovic is featured in the S/S shoot. Don’t care much for the twirly fist-pump girl, but she does look fabulous


Click to enlarge, because you’ll want to. 











I guess that means she’s continuing with Adidas after her contract expires at the end of the year then …



3 responses to “Picspam: Don’t you wish your tennis was that hot?”

  1. Julie says :

    Adidas won’t let such a good-looking girl go. Who cares if she plays like crap! I mean we live in a world in which Maria Kirilenko can have a long-term sponsorship and Kuzzy a 2- times GS champion can’t even find one right now. There’s no way Adidas is letting their answer to Sharpie go even if she gets eliminated in every first-round of GS for the next 5 years (until a new hottie comes).

    • dootsiez says :

      Hmmm interesting. I think Kuzzy is enormously charismatic, but somehow that doesn’t get across to the casual tennis fans. Dunno why.

      But not sure if it’s Adidas not letting Ivanovic go or that Ivanovic can’t get a better deal anywhere else. But it can’t all be about looks – just look at what happened to Reebok with Nicole Vaisidova.

      • Julie says :

        Well, in Ivanovic’s defense, she did win a GS. Nicole showed potential and could not live up to those expectations. Ivanovic did live up to them but only for a brief period of time. There is no way she should be having huge sponsorship deal right now with the way she’s playig, but she’s cute, has a reputation for beeing really nice and has devoted followers. They’re keeping her, even if she cannot serve her way out of a match for the next few years!

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