Picspam: I don’t know where do start…

There are so many things wrong with this. So many. 



It’s best just to keep focused on the face… 



The WTA premier tournament in Tokyo starts next week, with most of the top gals arriving in the city. Maria Sharapova, being the commercial magnet that she is, handled pre-tournament practice and a little night out in town for Cole Haan with ease. 

She won’t have an easy week coming up, however, after being handed Schiavone, Stosur, Razzano, Safina, and Zvonareva in her quarter.

Tennis Gods – why do you do this to me? 

Venus leads the bottom half opposite with Dementieva, JJ and Vika. Ivanovic, Li Na, Bartoli and Pennetta fill the blanks in between.

There’ll be no Captain Wasabe in Tokyo this year, but it should be a corker of a week nonetheless.

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7 responses to “Picspam: I don’t know where do start…”

  1. Tashi says :

    What are you wearing, MaSha?! Fug to the max.

  2. JFK says :

    She looks pretty minus the outfit.
    Captain Wasabe ;(

  3. Julie says :

    I was wondering where my mother’s maternity shorts went!

  4. icelollypalooza says :

    Wow. I wonder if Rachel Zoe styled this look?

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