Quotable Quotes: Extradition.

For the most part, I think Pat Cash is full of crap. But once in a while, my compatriot actually says something that I half-heartedly agree with. (That is, apart from Andy Murray having a dull voice.)

I know, shocking.



From Skysports Q&A with Cash

Q: You said a moment ago that no-one expected Del Potro to beat Federer. Do you think Federer himself was as surprised as anyone with the way Del Potro played? We saw footage on TV of Federer swearing at the umpire at one point, do you think that was a measure of how rattled he was?

“First of all the umpire deserved everything he got, that was absolutely ridiculous to tell Roger Federer to be quiet. I think he was more surprised at how poorly he played, I think that was the worst final he has ever played, but it is a sign of the times. There are players who will not put up with his junk – he hit a lot of junk. Nadal and Murray have been able to deal with it and it is a sign of the times. The guys are coming towards the net now and Federer hit the ball all over the place, he will be very disappointed with the way he played in that match. He let Del Potro back in and that is very un-Federer like. In many ways I think he didn’t concentrate, but you have good days and bad days and in a way it is nice seeing Federer having a bad day because it proves he is human.”


Oh. Em. Gee: WORD.

Did Pat Cash just articulate 3 things about the US Open final that pissed me off in a single answer?  

1) Jake Garner had it comin’. Sure they should fine the players for swearing, but shouldn’t they also fine umpires for their ridiculous incompetence?

2) Fed played like crap for a grand slam final. I’ve heard suggestions otherwise, but frankly, anyone who tries to dispute that with me can go and take it up with Jake Garner’s hand.

3) Yes – Federer hit a lot of junk. And when he did so on the 20+ breakpoints he had, I felt like taking my tennis racquet and shoving it up his glorified nose. 


But as always, Cash can be expected to ruin this great moment of harmony between us by saying something insanely idiotic again.


Cash: [Trash talking women’s tennis….] I’m looking for Steffi Graf to return to the game, I reckon she would be a real threat.

Q: Really?

Cash: Yes I’m serious, I think she could at the age of 44, she could get out there and be a real challenge for the Grand Slams next year. She played in the Wimbledon roof closing event and nearly beat Kim Clijsters and she practices a lot. I think with a few tournaments under her belt, I don’t know if she still has the interest but her style of game would make it really difficult for the girls – they wouldn’t be able to handle her at all. I’m calling for Steffi to make a comeback! I’m going to make a petition!


Lordy. There are no words.

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15 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Extradition.”

  1. pban says :

    Do you think the nose is compensation enough for the crap that he made us sit through for more than 4 hours ,let alone the sheer embarrasment of losing a five setter to somebody other than Nadal. Iwas just beginning to forget when I had a nightmare last night about the us open 2010 final being played between djoko and delpoop, needless to say all my plans of starting the acceptance stage went out of the window…..totally depressed again (withdrawal from Shanghai made it even worse)

  2. pban says :

    Ithought there were only 5 stages or do I need 7….I probably am worse off than most.

    • dootsiez says :

      hehehe no I meant the “Fedophiles guide” I wrote a few days ago 😉

      • pban says :

        yeah i read it but i am not having withdrawal symptoms ,i am glad i don’t have to frazzle for a month…..it’s just that i can’t get over the disaster in the final.

        • dootsiez says :

          LOL why not get over it by reminding yourself of all the good tennis he’s played this year and in his career?


  3. Tashi says :

    Roger played stupid in that match. That is all.

    Obviously not gonna happen but if Steffi Graf ever came back I think my world would be complete. I was nine when she retired. And I cried like the little girl that I was. All hail the Queen.

    • pban says :

      Steffi was my favourite player period.Istopped watching women’s tennis when she retired.I think the only girl who plays tennis that is easy on the eyes is Justine but Iam not a big fan of hers….don’t know why it’s just that after steffi couldn’t care less about the ladies’ game

    • Mia says :

      Steffi is my all-time favorite female tennis player. Sorry, Doots, but I agree with Pat Cash that, even at this stage, her game will pose problems to the current Top 10 as well as up-and-comers. She was, after all, one of the original members of the Big Babe brigade. She serves well, can slice (how many of the current bunch can decently do that?) which will give the tall ones fits, and that forehand … wow. And her movement? Second to none. In fact, I could say one of the reasons that initially drew me to Roger was because he reminded me of Steffi in a lot of ways (okay, don’t include the nose) — gazelle-like movement, forehand/s that can be hit from anywhere yet are guaranteed to be point-enders, demeanor.

      And as for the US Open, pffft! I agree Roger lost it more than Del Po winning it. But what can I say? Everything else after the 15th is gravy to me. I’ll still scream at Roger through either my PC or TV set when he shanks or does his walkabouts but I won’t be as down as I had been after The Match in 2008. I just love the man … and love has its reasons that even reason knows nothing of.

      • dootsiez says :

        Hmm I’m not saying that Steffi wouldn’t pose problems to the top 10, but to suggest that she would be a grand slam contender? Steffi’s main weapons was her steadiness, her athleticism, the serve and forehand. The serve is most likely still here, there are players with bigger forehand these days, and much better backhands. And I don’t see her being as quick around the court at the age of 44. But of course, she’ll always have the champions mind. If she returns, I’d say top 20, no better.

    • dootsiez says :

      Myself a Steffi fan, although at the age of 44, I’m not for a comeback. 🙂

  4. JFK says :

    I’m glad he agrees that the umpire was a big JERK. He couldn’t even handle the crowd properly. It was like a soccer match or something.
    Roger just looked so wobbly the longer the match went on and he couldn’t buy a first serve. Let’ s hope he comes back stronger from this.

    • Julie says :

      On behalf of socer fans all over the world, I am offended by the soccer reference JFK! lol There are some referees (Collina) who would have just given Delpo a red card and be done with it. That particular umpire was just incompetent (just like most of the linespersons in the tournament, That Djoker-Federer match was an abomination).

      • dootsiez says :

        Yes the umpiring during the Fed/Djoko semifinal was terrible as well. Unfortunately, the linespersons decided to do their job rigorously at 5-6 15-30 during the Serena/Clijsters match. Good timing huh?

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