Picket Fence Vid: 5 slams in a year, y’all.

This is the video version of the interview I posted a few days ago. It’s amazing how much gets lost when the press translates an English interview into Italian only to have Federer fans translate it back. 

Massive “awww” when Roger said that marrying Mirka was his fifth slam. 




16 responses to “Picket Fence Vid: 5 slams in a year, y’all.”

  1. Julie says :

    Interesting that he’s not complaining about the testing procedures/rules (I know a lot of players aren’t exactly happy about them Murray being quite vocal about it) but he’s such a contrarian when it comes to Hawk-Eye! Such a complex man.

  2. pban says :

    He hates hawkeye because as he says it leads to less competent linesmen and umpires….us open semis and final being case in point

    • Julie says :

      Serena would disagree, so would I. Some linespersons are terrible, with or without the hawkeye system. While the system is not infaillible, it’s a welcome addition. How many matches (or even championships) have been lost due to a linesperson’s incompetence (Graff vs Hingis at RG, Serena-Capriati, etc)? Too many to count. In fact, if I were an umpire or linesperson, the system would motivate me to be better because I wouldn’t want to be embarrased if the hawkeye proves me wrong (as was the case with the Dokovic-Federer match). Anecdotal evidence can be found from both sides of the debate What we really need is an objective study on the efficacity of the system especially when it’s a matter of mm. And what is needed even more are forceful/assertive umpires to unforce the rules (no challenges after more than 2-5 s and especially NOT after looking at your box!)

      • dootsiez says :

        Hehehe Roger’s hatred for hawk-eye partly stems from his incredible self-assurance. At the end of the day, he trusts his own judgment more than a machine’s, and he gets that “how dare you?!” look whenever hawk-eye defies him. It cracks me up each time.

        I am for hawk-eye myself. It creates a barrier between the players and the linespeople that the game needed. I think they should introduce it for footfaults too, given what happened this year.

        That said, I think Roger would like hawk-eye more if the rules were enforced properly, which means challenging quickly. Seriously, can’t believe Jake Garner allowed that challenge. I dare say a LOT of other umpires wouldn’t have.

        • robert says :

          To give you a non-rose-tinted view: Federer hates Hawkeye simply bcos he prefers humans to decide, humans that tend to err in his favour due to his champion’s aura. See his semi vs. Nole.

          He bitches against the system just to intimidate linespersons, umpires and opponents. Otherwise, he would have refused to use the system alltogether.

          Yet he challenges a lot himself, even when the ball is obviously way out. To rest few seconds more? To derail the opponent? For a hater of the system, he surely (mis)uses it aplenty. Go figure.

        • dootsiez says :

          “Non-rose-tinted” doesn’t mean it’s not tinted. Like everyone else on this blog, you see what you want to see Robert. Since it’s so subjective, there’s not much point in me agreeing or disagreeing really…

        • EP says :

          He does the same thing when his serves are out. It’s that “how dare you not land in the box like I directed you to?!” =p

  3. JFK says :

    Aww at Mirka.
    Did you guys catch the last comment the interviewer said “We can live in a world without Rafael Nadal, but we cannot live in a world without Roger Federer”.

  4. Nicole says :

    I’m always impressed at how well spoken he is, considering he’s both not a native English speaker and an athlete. I think I read somewhere that he didn’t finish high school, he was too busy going professional. I know native English speaking college graduates who are less eloquent than he is. He’s really a gem, and we’re lucky to have him.

    • dootsiez says :

      It helps when your mum is South African I guess 😉

      He’s seriously eloquent though, for someone who’s never lived in an English speaking country, it’s pretty amazing to see him cracking jokes and using English idioms and colloquialisms.

  5. Mia says :

    Massive aww, indeed for Mirka. Perhaps, the greatest muse ever in tennis.

  6. judy says :

    thanks for sharing! this will help me cope while i wait for fed to play again. 🙂 they focused on fed’s hands a few times, which i’m sure doots was very happy about!
    excellent interview and they did a nice job adding other fed footage. his english is fantastic. you know you’ve mastered the language when you can curse so effectively in a GS final. 😉 5th slam yay!

  7. LongLiveKingRog says :

    I can NEVER get tired of watching the moments after he won Roland Garros. Thanks for posting this!!!! ***awwww***

  8. freakyfrites says :

    Awesome vid! Thanks Doots!

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