Tokyo: Just retire for 2 years, okay?

The headlines read “Safina stunned by Toyko loss”, “Ivanovic upset by Safarova“. Unfortunately it was just one of those cliches that journalists like to fall back on when they run out of worthwhile things to say.

There was nothin stunning or upsetting about Safina or Ivanovic losing first round. 



Self-professedly, I’m not an Ivanovic-fan, but cheering against her these days is a bit like kicking a dead puppy: not only is it cruel, it’s also futile. 

Knowing how I felt when my favourite players were slumping or injured, I’ll save the negativity for a sunnier day.

Sure – the girl is confused, she doesn’t have a proper coach, she’s on track to finish the year ranked outside the top 20. She’s tinkering with her serve and messing it up. She lacks conviction in her mind and fire in her belly. But you gotta think there’s a rock bottom to this slump and that when she gets there, the only way to go is back up. 

Umm, just ignore Nicole Vaidisvoa. 

As for the actual match, there is only one word to describe it: dreadful. Errors flowing from both sides, not to mention 11 DFs from Ana alone. I do however give a lot of credit to Mrs Berdych for showing class in victory.


“It wasn’t the best match Ana did. We played against each other in Toronto. It was a much better match, much tougher.

“I know how Ana is feeling and I feel it with her. She’s struggling with her serve and when that goes, all your game goes.”


Have a break Ana, have a Kitkat. Take the rest of the year off and comeback ready to win matches again next year.



I had a bizarre moment opening up my scoreboard this afternoon, thinking that Dinara Safina had lost the first set of her Round 2 match to Chiang Kai-shek.

Turns out it was only Chang Kai-chen, an 18 year old Taiwanese sensation making her debut on the WTA tour this summer. Given that her previous biggest victory was over Kanepi, I was fairly impressed with Chang, who showed the sort of guts, massive forehand and composure under pressure that you so rarely find in youngsters late in the third set. 

It also goes to show the lack of “the fear factor” these top women hold over their lower ranked opponents. Teenagers like Chang and Kvitova walk on court not only believing that they could pull off an upset, but almost expecting it.


“I had a lot of chances in the third set but I just let it go. The way I played the game at 5-4 was not right after her latest setback.” – Dinara Safina on her loss.


Yada yada, story of your career.

There’s something in the water in Tokyo – Kuzzy also went out a gutsy Andrea Petkovic. This whole win-a-second-slam-then-slump-spectacularly thing has been done once before by Marat Safin. Try something new Sveta. 


I’ve survived for 16 months without Henin, but suddenly, awaiting her return has never felt so long and arduous. 


xx doots

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5 responses to “Tokyo: Just retire for 2 years, okay?”

  1. Paul says :

    ‘the girl is confused, she doesn’t have a proper coach, she’s on track to finish the year ranked outside the top 20. She’s tinkering with her serve and messing it up. She lacks conviction in her mind and fire in her belly.’

    But she is hot, very hot, and thank’s to her past exploits she is also very rich. I do not pity her I must say.

    Apples, she’ll be.

  2. JFK says :

    Oh goodness. Maria must not catch the upset bug now….

  3. Liz says :

    I can’t even stand to look at Dinara’s picture any more. I was never that big on Ana’s game — her French Open title seemed more opportunistic than anything else. But I really thought Dinara had what it takes to win big matches. Bleh! Take her away! Bring back the women of yesteryear — even Steffi!

  4. Julie says :

    I must have a cruel streak because I will continue to cheer against Pumpovic until the day she retires! From the moment Tignor and others started to canonize her in articles (being the * future* of tennis), I started to dislike Ivanovic. Because while her game wasn’t bad, it was infuriating to hear those commies going on and on about big babe tennis and how boring it was (they were blaming the Williamses for that) and when the same game was played by a gorgeous brunette, it was suddenly beautiful (Tignor waxed poetics about her big serve, her booming forehand, etc). That was enough to make a hater out of me I must admit. Plus, I absolutly *hate* people who giggles.

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