Picspam: Sometimes, even Anna Wintour can’t save you from a bad shirt.

With the next month free from tennis, Roger Federer took the time to catch up with his buddies at Jura. 


Normally, I’m all for the whole “shirt + jeans + no tie” thing. But Roger, Roger, Roger… there is no shame in just a plain white shirt. You know? 



Luckily, he still has a killer smile and sinful vampire teeth. 



Not to mention a presidential wave, for when I nominate him for UN Secretary-General. 



Let’s face it, he looks so much better speaking into a microphone than Ban Ki-Moon.



And I don’t care if you’re Swiss, yer don’t drink coffee from wine glasses. No no no no no no.



Not ashamed to fangirl, 

xx doots



4 responses to “Picspam: Sometimes, even Anna Wintour can’t save you from a bad shirt.”

  1. Wellspring says :

    Fed is probably the only guy in the world who can somehow pull off this monstrosity of a shirt.

    When did your ‘Fed for UN General Secretary campaign’ began? Cuz I nominated him back in 2006, but they have still not got back to me about that. Pfff.

    Cool blog, BTW. Really cool. Should have said it before but Marat has this pesky habit of distracting people.

  2. JFK says :

    I like his vampire teeth! And the shirt isn’t bad…he makes it work.

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