Picspam: Rafa’s here, Rafa’s here. Try to LOOK NATURAL.

Rafael Nadal and his oversized Hugo Boss t-shirt have both arrived in Beijing. With Federer out of action for a while, Rafa wasted no time in taking over the interim Hair God duties





Dude, how much weight have you lost? 



Oi! Hands off you teenyboppers. 



Roger who? Someone remind me why I jumped bandwagons. 

My love. It is fickle.



21 responses to “Picspam: Rafa’s here, Rafa’s here. Try to LOOK NATURAL.”

  1. pban says :

    You jumped doots, because nobody and I repeat nobody other than Roger can send you into exquisite rapture with just a mere swish of his racket. Somebody once said Roger should be watched live because only then the feeling of no he couldn’t, omg he just did can be truly appreciated. Nobody else, not even Rafa is worth this much of emotional strain and drain .

  2. stelle95 says :

    ahahahahahaha 🙂


    When does Tokyo mens draw come out??

    • dootsiez says :

      about today I think.

      • stelle95 says :

        where can i find it…the Jap Open website sucks…. 😦

        I need to know if Ernests got in or not cos he was on alts but i think he did cos soo many people withdrawed from the tournie do you know anything??

  3. sazzylove says :

    dootz you are just missing The One you Truly Love that’s why you have to settle for your second best love….:-)

  4. sazzylove says :

    btw, is rafa constipated or something?He really seemed ill at ease.

  5. Joanna says :

    I’m sure as soon as Roger comes back you’ll remember why
    ; )

  6. Tashi says :

    Ugh, he looks 15. Stop it dude. Eat a sandwich, grow your hair out, and leave some stubble. Please.

  7. Blue says :

    “Interim hair god?” The blasphemy. He does look like he’s lost weight, or maybe it’s the baggy tee.

  8. Dippy says :

    Rafa looks tired, thin and gosh he needs to get a stylist. Roger please come soon, I am having withdrawal syndrome here. Even Nando looks adorable to me now 😐

    • dootsiez says :

      The Sod. Is my new love.

      • sazzylove says :

        And here i was secretly wishing that Le SOD was gonna be all mine!!!!!!I know its not about the hair right?Its all about that Killer Smile(and dimples i might add!)EEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!

        Roger, please do come back.It’s all your fault why am i resorting to adultery!

  9. roadrunnerz says :

    OMG…he looks about fourteen in the first two pics!!

    Pretty boy!

    Love, love, love the olive green shirt with the orange collar.

    Rafa is adorable off court, but on court, it’s all Roger, baby!

  10. JFK says :

    Sorry Rafa, there is only room for one hair god in my life.

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