Picspam: Wer-com to Beijing!

The big names are arriving in China ahead of the China Open in Beijing and the Shanghai Masters, which make for fabulous photo-ops. 



Must admit, Djoko’s got this whole “unshaven devilish smile” thing down to a tee. 




Dinara, on the other hand, wouldn’t recognize the devil if he came and told her she wasn’t the real World No 1.



Miss Muffeet, doing what she does best: being pretty and boring.



And doing photo-shoots on a tennis court…




Sveta arrived too, in an Ed Hardy-esque outfit that looked like it could be stolen from Marat Safin’s wardrobe. 



Much respect for the Chinese paparazzi for keeping me entertained. Pity Roger won’t be there for them to swarm this year. 

It’s okay. We shall compensate by melting him into a giant Chinese flag. Oh yeth … 



Come back Roger! It’s just not as fun watching mere humans play tennis. 😦 


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7 responses to “Picspam: Wer-com to Beijing!”

  1. JFK says :

    LoL @ Sveta’s clothing. Whatever. And Ana Ivanovic: Less photoshoots, more practice! Get it together, girl.

    Flove the Roger flag. Flove.

  2. sazzylove says :

    You were right dootz, i like Novak’s unshaven look!He looks hot while his compatriot looks drab!She’s pretty alright but she looks like a woman without substance literally and figuratively.

  3. sazzylove says :

    And seeing Roger with that flag makes me really pine for his presence on tour.

  4. divinedevilxyz says :

    Hi dootsiez! I think your blog has been hacked.. there is some impostor providing rafa picspam on the other thread. kidding. 😉

    I can’t wait for Mr. Roger Federer to come back though this is kind of a well-earned rest for him. Till then, I’m following your advice on how_to_tackle_the_Fedlessness.

    As a matter of fact, I also agree that Rome’06 is the best ever match between Fed and Rafa. quality of play was awesome. Fed was phenomenal in that match and I was upset for more than a week, because it was kind of a jolt (for me) as a Fed fan coz he lost despite playing like the TMF for the majority of the match.

    BUT, the most depressing loss was the AO’09 final. It seemed like he was killing himself out there – EARNING all those chances to break Rafa in the 3rd set only to see them all going away. Though he saved tonnes of BPs during (what seemed like ) the crucial 5th game of the 4th set, the match was all kinds of depressing and seemed like the final nail in the coffin.

    boy, what a turnaround since May!

    • dootsiez says :

      Roger who? 😛

      Rome 06 – that fifth set KILLS me. Coulda and shouda won. But then again, that’s basically the story of the Fedal rivalry from Fed’s side of the net.

      AO09 is a banned topic. ARGH. He better get his revenge and win next year. I don’t think I can forgive him if he never wins the AO on plexicushion.

  5. inez says :

    “Sveta arrived too, in an Ed Hardy-esque outfit that looked like it could be stolen from Marat Safin’s wardrobe. “…….which it probably WAS…..

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