Picspam: Practice makes perfect eyecandies.

All hail the photographers in Beijing, who are picspamming harder than me these days to provide a healthy stock of eyecandies to tennis followers worldwide. 


We have plenty of smiley, wrinkly Rafa …



… And of course, Safin.

Affectionally dubbed as “the Hippo” by Chinese fans, Marat practiced with Blake and flirted with the horde of Chinese fangirls who turned up to perve and SQUEEEEEEEE over the Tsar.




Everywhere I turn, there are temptations. Come back soon Roger! 


Meanwhile, local hero Zheng Jie followed up her visit earlier in the year to earthquake-devastated Szechuan by inviting two of the kids there on a trip to Beijing to watch the China Open and practice with her on centre court.

This girl has a heart of gold. I just want to fold up her and pop her in my pocket.




Love. Her.


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4 responses to “Picspam: Practice makes perfect eyecandies.”

  1. LJ says :

    I want to feed rafa a sandwich, the dude looks more like my skinny-ass younger bro, where the puppy fat all gone to rafa?

    And maratski…oh that last pic kills me, please retire after AO 2010?, please?

    Even the weather gods have taken a sabbath on tennis. It’s pissing down with rain here in Sydney for the next week…no tennis for moi… =’ (

  2. Dippy says :

    Roger come back soon FAST, i am desperate here. On another note, 2 great semis in Kuala Lumpur. I was hoping for Soderling/Nando match. Soderling was beaten by Koyla in 3 sets 😦 . Thankfully Nando didn’t choke, manage to come through in a very tight 2 sets over Gonzo.

    • dootsiez says :

      I was totally sad for the Sod, but hopefully he can now get a proper rest and power through the draw in Beijing. Wouldn’t mind him claiming a few scalps there with Roger nowhere in sight.

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