ATP Notes: Fast and Furious.

I’ve completely neglected ATP tennis this week. Me bad. But really, men’s tennis without Federer, Nadal or Djokovic is a grim wasteland on which only the occasional wild flower is worth the pause to appreciate. 

Managed to catch two of Jo-Willy’s matches this week against Chiudinelli and Gulbis. And frankly, I got enough power tennis from those matches alone to last me the year

… and enough charisma to keep me from resorting to the 2007 Australian Open semifinal for my tennis orgy.



Don’t know how I feel about Ernests Gulbis these days. Apart from thinking that he has a far larger fan base than he reasonably deserves.

But then again, so does Zac Efron.

It’s a too familiar story: Ernie served ace bombs, whacked the snot out of the balls, and mixed in some deft drop shots that seemed to have the gravity slurped out of them altogether. It was fast, furious and entertaining stuff. Not a single break of serve on either side over 3 sets, but the result was the same: coulda, shoulda, but Ernie lost anyway

Gulbis is one month older than Cilic and del Poop. Of the latter two, one took out the No 2 seed at the US Open and the other made me swear non-stop at Roger Federer for a good 24 hours. 

Ernie, by contrast, is struggling to string two wins together. While there’s no denying that he has talent, there’s also no denying that he’s turning out to be the biggest underachiever of his generation with a disproportional tween following. What’s lacking, apart from a higher level of athleticism, is strategy, shot selection, and sheer belief.

Someone get me a permanent marker and his shoes. 



Another revelation this week is the Swiss who isn’t the one nor the other – Marco Chiudinelli. It turned out that this guy was no powderpuff after all. Unlike some of his more flashy compatriots, stylistically Marco’s a stoic sort of player, a big server with a bigger forehand, not to mention an eager volleyer.

Chiudinelli reached his highest ever ATP ranking this week at 116. With his qualification in Tokyo, he’ll be in the top 100 soon, and by the way he’s been playing since he made 3rd round at the US Open (his career best), the guy is certainly punching well above his height. 



Perhaps the consecutive 3 setters wore him out, perhaps the season – the longest Jo-Willy has had in his career – is catching up on him and just about everyone else, Tsonga lost in 3 sets to Victor Troicki, who promptly went on to gift the final to Robert Pattinson’s mesmerizing eyes



And slightly dorky smile. 



Oh, and utterly routine tennis.

Over in KL, I only managed to catch the final, which was a slow but sure process of self-destruction by Fernando Verdasco. Execution fail.

Go get foot surgery Nando, and rest up for next year. Spain’s got pockets deep enough to win the Davis Cup without you. 



And even after all these years, it confounds me how anyone with Davo’s talent can possess less charisma than a pencil sharpener. Maybe we folks in tennis just have a hair fetish.


Hair re-growth Davo, it worked wonders on my dad. 

xx doots


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14 responses to “ATP Notes: Fast and Furious.”

  1. Dippy says :

    Yeap, Nando self-destruct, to be more accurate – choked. Seriously he needs to pull himself together if he wants to beat top players. He has the weapons but his mind failed him. I was rooting him to stretch the match to 3 sets. As Koyla, as boring as he can be. Malaysian crowd was behind him, gave him nickname ‘Botak’ which means bald. Ha ha…

  2. roadrunnerz says :

    Haven’t watched a lot of tennis since the USP either, but I did catch parts of the Tsonga-Chiudinelli, and Tsonga-Gulbis matches, and I have to say I was super-impressed with the Swiss #3. I thought for sure his match against Tsonga would be a blow-out.

    Have to confess to being a bit of an Ernests fangirl too. I always root for him, and I can’t really explain why. I just do. It’s not that his game is particularly stunning or anything, but there’s something so inherently rootable about him.

    I feel the same way about Robredo and Kohlschreiber.
    As long as they’re not playing Fed, I want them to win. For no explicable reason whatsoever, other than their wins make me happy. 🙂

    With you on the meh-ness of Kolya. I admire him for being the workhorse of the ATP, but I can NEVER bring myself to actually, you know…root for him.

    • dootsiez says :

      Yay to Kohlshcrieber, nay to Tommy. He makes me feel the same way as Davo. Meh-ness. I will say though he’s one of the few players who fully lived up to their potential, which is more than I can say about 90% of people on the ATP and WTA tours.

  3. Liz says :

    I like Kolya — he’s quiet, but has a sardonic sense of humor in interviews that appeals to me. Plus, he shows us that sometimes hard work and perseverance trump genetic gifts.

    Roadrunnerz, I agree with all your “next-to-Fed” picks! Ernests, Phillip, and Tommy all have “rootability.” Boy, that sounds filthy!

  4. Alex says :

    I’m always rooting for Kolya. I hope he can win 1 slam.

  5. stelle95 says :

    I always root for ernie, no matter what. He is the coolest dude on tour who actually has some personality lol. As for Kohlshreiber i always see myself rooting for him as well there is just something totally awesome about him.

    And, what do you know? Ernests won his two qualifying matches in Tokyo to find himself in the main draw facing The Sex aka Radek Stepanek. He has a big chance now he has a new coach, Hernan Gumy (former tennis player and coach of Marat Safin) He has really helped Ernie and it would have been awesome if Ernests had pulled off a big win! Fortunately, he actually played good tennis and wasn’t slashed, he actually made a good match of it and he played really well, one of his best matches this year i think. He said he could take away positive things and all he needs to work on now is his unforced errors and going for ‘too-much’ lol.

    This has actually been a rather long post but too bad, people should know how well Ernie is doing i think now is his chance to make a run through the draw and beat some top players in most likely off season mode. Most of which is their first tournament since USO.

    Go Ernie, Good Luck. I will be watching.


    • dootsiez says :

      Here’s to hoping Ernie does well. He’s a nice kid, but he’s so massively falling short of his potential that it’s painful to watch.

      • stelle95 says :

        Yeh I know, He had 3 days to prepare for The Sex so i’m hoping he got some good tips. Why aren’t ATP players alloweed their coachs on court? Or is it just cos they are too manly to get help? Oh and also, did you check out the new AO add it is looking pretty cool. And the tag line is….YOUR TICKET TO THE WORLD…lol. They are getting some new things like putting forward the night matches to a 30 minute difference, does that me the night matches start at 7? Good news, i think i am coming down for the first week so i can see Ernie. Also, their are $29 ground passes you can get for the whole 2 weeks (im pretty sure) which i will probably get if im going nearly (hopefully) everyday. I am so hyped for the AO Series cos its the only time tennis is actaully here in Aus for only one month :(. I think they should put some events during the year here as well like at ATP 1000 or 500. Hmmm… Anyway i am rooting for Ernie, Wbu?

        • dootsiez says :

          I think we have enough tournaments in Australia – we’re so out of the way that it’s best to concentrate them in one month. The ATP doesn’t have on court coaching because that’s the norm. The WTA introduced on court coaching only this year, and with a lot of opposition. It was a stupid idea and the girls will pay the price for it.

        • stelle95 says :

          Oh ok,

          Did you watch ernie i was on my way home so i couldnt watch 😦 Do you think he has a chance against Pico? I don’t know much about him so what are your thoughts?

        • dootsiez says :

          In short: yes. But it depends on day form.

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