Beijing: Heh? Did someone give Melanie Oudin growth hormones?


Sharapova took out Baby Sharapova, otherwise known as Victoria Azarenka, 63 67 75.

What can I say? It was fierce. Masha Fierce. It was Big Babe tennis at its most hilarious best. It was filled with double faults, operatic grunts, and scorching groundstrokes.

And drama, did I mention drama?

Is a 2-5 0-30 comeback in the third set gripping enough for you? Or perhaps some “girl-world” bitching is more your thang? 


“Is her last name Jankovic?” quipped Maria, as Azarenka took her second MTO in the third set to stem the comeback flow. 


In five words, Maria managed to pwn 2 top ten players. FLOVE. So much.


And in the end, it was the difference between a champion and a very good player. Vika, as much as I love her, looked like a poor man’s Sharapova. She dominated in stretches during the match, but in the end, was outserved, outhit, out-grunted and out-gutted by a player with an inexhaustible supply of brute force and self-belief. 


I live in awe. 

xx doots


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4 responses to “Beijing: Heh? Did someone give Melanie Oudin growth hormones?”

  1. Mia says :

    Maria said that? Oooh, racket-fight! Will be awaiting Jelena’s riposte. I remember how pissy she was with Roger the last time when he sorta made commentary on her, uh, then “real” number 1 status.

    • dootsiez says :

      Hehehe I felt bad for Jelena actually. I think she quite liked Roger before that and took it very seriously. Whereas with Maria, I think the feeling is quite mutual 😉

  2. JFK says :

    Grr. I hate the time change and I was asleep during this awesome match. but really glad to hear Shazza fierce is taking care of business.

    • dootsiez says :

      hehehe I love tennis in my timezone so I can’t complain. Like Fed, Masha Fierce is full of win. FULL OF IT.

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