Quotable Quotes: Brainwashed.

Thanks to Annah for pointing this out to me.

More evidence that Roger Federer… umm brainwashes the tour with his niceness. That sneaky bastard!

Or, he is a genuine nice guy with ridiculously high EQ. How boring! How devoid of personality! Gimme Connors or McEnroe!


Ilhan was born in Uzbekistan and quickly smitten by the game. He lost his father to cancer at a young age but, bent on developing his game, he emigrated to Turkey with his mother, who’s done everything in her power to advance his budding career. In Turkey, he was able to train with relatively advanced players and teaching pros, and he’s also received help from the Turkish national tennis federation. One thing I remember clearly from the interview: Roger Federer was in the locker room, watching the scoreboard, and he noticed Ilhan’s name. Discovering that he was the first player from Turkey ever in a major, Federer introduced himself and wished Ilhan good luck. Ilhan told me it was a highlight of his tournament experience.

Source: So-and-so’s Tennisworld


So make up your mind tennis world, is he boring or he is nasty?



Because clearly, he can’t just be the epitome of AWESOME?! That would be too much goodness in one human being. You know?



xx doots


11 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Brainwashed.”

  1. Tina says :

    Hehe – the mighty Fed needs to introduce himself? :p

    Sweet gesture. 😀 Darn it I miss him already. Hmph.

  2. SJ says :

    Fed is too nice for his own good and I wish you hadn’t put up that picture I’m starting to miss him even more now but I do love a smiley Fed.

  3. Mia says :

    Bodo, Tignor, Reed and whoever can say all they want, the truth will out — TMF is sugar and spice and everything nice.

  4. pban says :

    I miss him so much that it is almost like a physical pain.Iwatch ordinary mortals play tennis just to remember how he would have played a prticular shot. Please come back,it really would be a shame if you did not end the year as no. 1.

  5. Joanna says :

    I don’t know how anyone can dislike Roger… he is “the epitome of awesome.”

  6. Blue says :

    Roger is made of awesomeness. Why isn’t he back to playing yet? He can just come and pose for photos, maybe with the twins. We can’t wait a month.

  7. Liz says :

    It’s great to see a happy Roger picture — I miss our guy!

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