Tokyo/Beijing: You too, boys?


The boys caught a bad bout of the upset bug today as Roddick and Del Potro both fell in straight sets to qualifiers Kubot and Roger-Vasselin. What a shi-

Oh hang on, it’s the ATP. ATP = depth. WTA = shithouse.

Got it. 

What depth in men’s tennis! All just further proof of my conviction that the quality outside the top 100 these days is truly astounding. 


But seriously del Poop, when I told you to lose to Roger, I did NOT mean Roger-Vasselin. Although he is cute as a button. 



Less cute was Lukasz Kubot, didn’t see his match against ARod, so I have no idea what happened. But I’m guessing Andy wasn’t feeling the love. 



And somewhere in a hotel room in Beijing, a Serb is popping open a bottle of champaign.

In other matches, Rafael Nadal took 3 sets to overcome Marcos Baghdatis, who is still playing tennis. Apparently.

But it’s a long way back from the Temple of Lost Souls, and Baghdatis isn’t someone I’d bet money on to ever make it back. 

With the top seeds all struggling more or less with fatigue, injuries or rust, me thinks it’s about time the Sod got it together to power home this fantastic year for him. 


xx doots


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7 responses to “Tokyo/Beijing: You too, boys?”

  1. Mia says :

    Caught the third set of the Nadal-Baggy match. Marcos was actually doing really well. But you know what they say about the 3rd set — it’s all about belief. And Marcos wobbled.

    • dootsiez says :

      *sigh* story of his career.

      Gotta say though, Rafa’s not winning any cheap points off his serve these days. 😦

  2. roadrunnerz says :

    Aw…that bites about Andy. He’s another one of my except-against-Fed root for players. He so needs to win another title this year.

    Didn’t he win Beijing last year?

    Oddly enough I didn’t feel bad for Delpoop at all…

  3. Liz says :

    Talk about great smiles…Marcos has one of the best smiles ever. I love watching him, and he can be so amazing. Too bad he’s seen fit to join the Marat Safin underachievers club. 😦

    • dootsiez says :

      Exception Marat has managed to accomplish something, whereas Marcos hasn’t even half lived up to his potential. *sigh*

  4. JFK says :

    That sucks about Pandy losing. Well at least Baggy played some okay tennis against Nadal.

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