Picspam: A bit of exposure never hurt anyone.

Just when you thought Serena Williams has had enough controversy and exposure by now…




With the motto of “All nude. Tastefully done”, the ESPN October “Body Issue” featured Serena on one of its 6 covers.

I gotta say, I quite like it.  It’s just a nice, happy photo. But I’ll save you the rant on body-image, self-acceptance, and concepts of beauty yada yada, except to direct you to this article: clickey.

You know who I’d really like to see on the cover of the Body Issue? Umm… take a WILD guess.


10 responses to “Picspam: A bit of exposure never hurt anyone.”

  1. Mia says :

    He is never going to do it, just like his pal Tiger Woods won’t. Didn’t he say previously that “people will pay for me to keep my clothes on”? Personally, I won’t be able to take it. Ogling at the naked (and well-sculpted) arses of the Spanish armada is one thing but I prefer checking out TMF’s buns with his shorts/jeans/pants on. Stripping him to his birthday suit would be almost an abomination for me. Weird, I know. But I prefer my tennis god clothed.

  2. Blue says :

    Monkey faces and hairy arms are alright. Even the shirtless pics are great, anything more would be too much. I prefer him clothed too. But the pose you described would also be hot and awesome *nods* even though we know he’ll never do it.

  3. dee says :

    Oh my eyes, dear lord my eyes gauge them out already…

  4. Julie says :

    Girlfriend is hot! But really do they need that much baby oil?

    And as for a nude cover of Fed…. (lecherous grin).

  5. ashok says :

    u r wonderful

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