Tennis Fashion: Why can’t you be perfect?

This. Was so minty fresh I could chew on it. 



This. Was oh-so-snuggly I could mieow in it. 



But this. Was an abomination that should’ve only been reserved for bed.



You tried Nike. STOP TRYING.



14 responses to “Tennis Fashion: Why can’t you be perfect?”

  1. Dippy says :

    Gosh the pants, talk about quirky fashion sense. First pink, then see through pants and now checkered? I tot the Worm has weird fashion taste but looks like Nadal is heading towards the same path. Nike, stop trying!

  2. robert says :

    This type of shorts/pants are all the rage among hip US college students and fashionable young Italians, Spaniards and French. To be worn whith monochromatic, bright dress shirts. This is fresh from the Milan Fashion Week, actually – revival of the retro golfer look.

    Nike has the nous to propose it, Nadal has the body and spunk to wear it well. Kudos.

    • dootsiez says :

      1. Didn’t know golf could ever be retro. 2. The Italians get it wrong. A lot. 3. Some fads are never meant to be. 4. Have we ever agreed Robert? LOL.

      • robert says :

        Fads that had trickled down into the Italian streetwear are mostly cheeky and yummy. So are these ironic caddyshack shorts. Dark obsidian navy against mint, love it. And love the carefree modelling by the Mallorcan. Let’s agree he’s a natural.

  3. Mia says :

    Meh, that is the exact shade of green I wanted for Roger. Nike, why don’t you give TMF something other than blue, red or black?

  4. robert says :

    Come to think of it, there was a post here recently with some pics of Federer wearing a chequered shirt. This was his latest purchse from Milan, from the collection with monochromatic pants.

    You have to be cool (or famous-arsed) to wear chequered pants.

  5. sazzylove says :

    i love the minty fresh shirt but so hate the shorts.Its like the one being worn by my grandpa to bed.I dont care if its the hippest thing for US college studes or fresh off from Milan runways.It’s just doesn’t look good on tennis courts especially on someone who is supposed to be taken as a formidable foe across the net and not someone’s to be taken as inside joke among the locker rooms. IMO

  6. sazzylove says :

    Doots , im sure you would have loved the chequered shirt (as i do) sans the jacket or suit or whatever that thing is called, no? Besides it’s a chequered shirt not a chequered short of which im sure he would never ever wear even if his life depended on it.Hehe!

  7. Jodi says :

    Those shorts belong on one tennis player and one alone.

    His name is Radek Stepanek. He will show them to be the true abomination that they are, particularly if worn together with that picnic blanket of a shirt he sported around AO time. Rafa almost pulls them off, and it’s not fair on the true horror of the shorts that he wear them.

  8. JFK says :

    Looks like golfing clothes. Why Nike?
    Also, I’m a US College student and I’ve never seen those shorts before in my life. Shudders.

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