Beijing/Tokyo: WHY?!

It is said that for every match Marat Safin plays to his potential, one case of cancer is miraculously cured in the world.

Pity he doesn’t do that more often. 



I just watched in shock as the Hippo serve out his match against Gonzo for a place in the Beijing quarterfinals.


The dude served up 12 aces and out played Gonzo from the baseline. Complete cruise control.

Safin. On cruise control. I refused to believe my eyes.




Next up, Rafael Nadal. OH-EM-GEE. I don’t think I can take it

Mentioning Rafa, you’d be forgiven for thinking that his second round clash with Blake was a WTA match. 8 breaks of serve throughout the match: some shiny conversion rate by the Rafanator (5/6), and a positively Federer-esque effort by Blake (3/11?!!). 

I’m not sure if Rafa’s playing it safe because of his recent injuries, or perhaps this is too minor a tournament for him to be exerting much effort, but spinning in powderpuff serves against James Blake is just asking for them to be spanked back.

Thankfully, JB can always be counted on to lose precisely when he has no business losing. With a double fault, Blake surrendered serve at 3-4 in the third, and Rafa lived to fight another match. 

And boy, wasn’t he happy about it?



With Murray and Federer both out of Shanghai, you know what? I think I’ll hop myself on the comfy bandwagon of Mr. Chequeredpants for the time being.

Yer go Minty! 



Over in Tokyo, it appears that Stan has stolen Verdasco’s old ‘do.



It’s been a good couple of weeks so far by Ernests Gulbis, who has made the most out of an easy draw and broken his second round curse with wins over Stepanek and Pico.

That’s more like it!



Ernie is due to face Jo-Willy next in a rematch of their Thai thriller last week, after Tsonga survived a streaky Gasquet and typhoon winds in Tokyo. At one point, the winds were so wild they caused advertising boards to blow across the court. 


“It was dangerous. I saw the (advertising) board start to move and thought ‘Woah!’ You never know what can happen,” said Tsonga after the match.

Source: Skysports


With the roof open after 3 days of rain, Jo-Willy settled down, and Reeshie unsettled and lost all confidence. Perhaps it was for the best, as a good run could secure Jo-Willy’s Masters Cup qualification bid.

But even so, why must all my favourites play each other?

Why must Reeshie possess the talent of Federer and the mind of Dinara? Why must Safin continue to taunt us all with his tortured awesomeness? Why isn’t Roger playing?!


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12 responses to “Beijing/Tokyo: WHY?!”

  1. Tashi says :

    Marat/Rafa is sensory overload. I cannot fucking wait.

    Jo/Ernie again, hell yeah!

  2. DV says :

    Rafa vs Marat = cutie vs red-hot = an orgasm

  3. Liz says :

    Don’t do it, dootsie! You know Marat is setting us up for massive heartbreak!

  4. pban says :

    why why o why isn’t he playing and why do I have to sit through rolex ads while watching the rest of the lot play moronic tennis?Even le Sod seemed adorable cause he reminded me of happier days in the summer.Go Marat go Sod knock Mr. check pants off the court.I have finally reached an all time low…..please come back Roger I promise not to be mad ,ie till you lose the next match.

  5. Julie says :

    Quite frankly, I’m more interested in the Ernie-Jo Willy match. Both those guys do funny things to my libido… Nadal, not so much ( I just can’t find the man attractive after he’s caused me so much pain!). But Marat has enough sex appeal to make him playing the Worm an orgasmic experience. However, I just *know” he’s going to lose. No need to get my hopes up. I’ll settle for Ernie or Jo.

    • dootsiez says :

      hehehehe I agree, Ernie and Jo is one hot match-up. But really, I want as much Marat as I can get since we’re approaching the end of his career 😦 😦

  6. JFK says :

    OMG I can’t believe Marat won. Isn’t this his first win over a top ten player this year? I bet he was inspired by all the crowd love he got over there. Sorry, Nadal, it’s time for you to lose. Davai Marat!

    • dootsiez says :

      I wish Marat could pull off another good run before his career ends, but I don’t see it – when you’re pitting Rafa’s mind against Safin’s. I mean, Rafa’s got to be REALLY. REALLY OFF for Marat to have a chance 😦

  7. JoJo says :

    Was Gonzo playing his best or was he playing so-so, a win over Gonzo playing so-so isn’t really an achivement as any player in the top 50 or even some in the top 100 could do it.

    • dootsiez says :

      As always it’s a combination of both. Gonzo wasn’t at his best, but he certainly wasn’t playing atrociously. Marat was just remarkably calm and served unbelievably well. Gonzo couldn’t get into his service games.

  8. stelle95 says :

    What is ernie’s chances of him beating Novak? Is their a bigger chance of him beating him if Novak wins or loses today? I hope he can string a set together at least just to rock the boat a bit!!!!

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