Give it 16 months and then come back, womyn.

Amelie Mauresmo has officially called it a season after pulling out of her last two tournaments of the year, Linz and Luxembourg.



Let’s just say that the dreaded “R word” has been mentioned for the 30 year old champ:


Since my return from the US Open, I tried to practice, but I haven’t found the thirst to compete. I won’t rush into things or force the issue. I’ll give myself time to think,in order to make a decision as for the rest of my career.



I know I’ve had my frustrations with her, but honestly, I’ll be devastated if Momo decides to call it a day. Beautiful game, beautiful person.

Please don’t finish your career like this Amelie, come back next year and we’ll give you the proper send-off you deserve.



4 responses to “Give it 16 months and then come back, womyn.”

  1. pban says :

    One of the few women in the circuit who played tennis the way it was meant to be played.If only she had half the mind to go with it.Iwas really glad for her when she finally won Wimbledon.

  2. SJ says :

    She can’t go there must be beautiful one-handed backhands, take a breather Amelie, you’ll miss it while it’s gone.

  3. Liz says :

    I hope she stays around for a while longer! She has an honest and kind spirit that always shines in her face.

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