Picspam: the Most Misunderstood Man in Tennis.


And the wrinkly eyes?!



If any country knows how to treat its guests properly, it’s China – as the hosts entertained the players with some spectacular Kungfu display. 

This was Dootsie during the US Open final: 



And this was Dootsie after Wimbledon this year: 



Of course, the Dimpled One got a few Kungfu tips too.




I can’t believe I started the year hating Sod, thinking he was the biggest wanker in tennis. He was a little misunderstood, that’s all. 

Really, he’s just a dork. 



And a dork who’s through to the Beijing semis after defeating Ljuby 76 64. It was was a sound serving display from the Sod, who cruised on serve and only had to face one break point. Should he continue in this form, he’s got more than a chance against Novak Djokovic. 

Mentioning Nole, with Murray out of Shanghai, the Djoker finds himself one match away from No 3 spot after defeating Nando 63 16 61. Didn’t catch any of the match, but just from the see-saw score line, I’m assuming there was a few brain farts involved. 

Rafa v Safin on. I’m drooling too much to blog. 


xx doots


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9 responses to “Picspam: the Most Misunderstood Man in Tennis.”

  1. Dippy says :

    C’mon show me the vintage Safin who beat Roger at AO2005. I am rooting for Le’ Sod against Nole. I admit I am a new convert since he sent Nadal packing at FO this year.

  2. SJ says :

    Sod for the top ten, come on Sodders none of us want Muzz to be bumped to number 4 or Djokovic to have confidence.

  3. Blue says :

    Lol! He really was misunderstood. And I really like Swedes nowadays.

  4. JFK says :

    Nole gets back to #3 but Del Po isn’t defending anything this part of the season…watch out boys.

  5. Alex says :

    Le Sod for #3!

  6. sazzylove says :

    EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!My second best love these days.Le SOd.Oh Yeah!Am totally blown away by those dimples!OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Julie says :

    I could never resist dimples. And it’s mean but ever since the Sod made fun of Rafa at Wimby, I always liked him. I mean, there must be something special about someone who can make Rafa wonder about the terrible fate that awaits him in the afterlife! I pray to the Goddess that Rafa gets him at the AO. That match is going to be tense and all sort of awesome.

    • dootsiez says :

      hehehe that was actually the reason I hated Sod. And he’s not the most social player out there.

      But you know what? I think he just had an awkward idea of humor. Not the best choice of actions at the time, but I’ve stopped holding it against him.

      And I’ve realised that he wasn’t so much anti-social as shy. Glad we had that cleared up!

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