A home video of an Austrian Federer livescoring the Rafa v Soderling match at Roland Garros. (Fast forward to 1:25 if you need to.)



His BFF:



Just further proof that you cyber-people are probably all psychos. I feel so sane all of a sudden. 

Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s almost 3pm. I need to go to my window and blow some ritualistic spit-bubbles in the direction of Tennis Mecca, otherwise known as Basel.


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7 responses to “Picket Fence Vid: JAAAAAAA! JAAAAAAAA! JAAAAAAA!”

  1. pban says :

    He stays in Zurich now,but I suppose he will always be the boy from Basel.

  2. Dani London (surname & location) says :

    my version….picture the scene

    me +my elderly nieghbour+ 2 cokes

    Robin’s ball hit the net at match point I fling my arm and legs placing my back on the sofa, table goes crashing to the right both cups firmly placed on poor edith’s lap..

    Edith eyeballs are firmly staring at me, I notice her predicament in the corner of my eye but continue to jump up and down like an ecastacy l fuelled reveller in Ibezia

  3. breadstix says :

    Wow, eer… I was like that woman in the second vid for most of Feder’s latter round matches for the slams. Or so I’m told by a friend who no longer answers my calls when she knows that Roger’s playing. x’D

    Quite hilarious.

    • dootsiez says :

      hehehehe it helps that I have Fedtard friends too so we can go all Fedtarded together and not feel like complete morons!

  4. JFK says :

    Lol! I love the crazy Fed fan. I think most of us acted like her on championship point!

  5. Noshali says :

    Needless to say, I completely identify with the second video. When Federer finally won the match point, I first screamed, then burst into tears and was jumping up and down screaming like a freaking maniac. Whats the big deal you ask? I live in an apartment. My neighbors thought there was domestic abuse going on in my house, and our phone kept on ringing with calls from people to check if we were still alive. Embarassing, but completely utterly worth it.

    p.s. I think Federer likes to build up the tension by losing a few match points, just to get us pissed, so that when he finally wins the match point we go freaking CRAZY!

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