WTA Beijing: You didn’t think I would skip this did you?

Yes, Kuzzy won Beijing, beating Aga 62 64. 

The problem with Kuzzy is that just as you gradually learn to expect nothing and enjoy every bit of exhilarating tennis from her, she wins a title. And you start to think, “Doha, can she do it?”

Because 2 premier events, a slam and a YEC would be a kick-ass year, far surpassing anything Safina has done, and possibly rivaling Serena Williams’ accomplishments.


Expect nothing, enjoy everything. 



And enjoy I did. Despite the straightforward score line, I thought was a fun match with contrasting styles: Aga’s craft and point construction against Sveta’s power and flair; one of the more level-headed players on the WTA tour pitted against a headcase of Safin-esque proportions.

But surprisingly, Kuzzy’s head didn’t get in the way of her game. Once in a blue moon, Sveta will play with the sort of assurance, confidence and nonplus that does justice to her immense talent. Yesterday was one of those times, and as always, it’s frightfully pleasurable to watch. 



Err, no relevance. Except that as Keats would say  “a thing of beauty is a joy for ever”.

xx doots


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6 responses to “WTA Beijing: You didn’t think I would skip this did you?”

  1. DV says :

    Sveta is a headcase, but You gotta love her. She’s one of the most down to earth persons in WTA & ATP pack.

    Roger included to, minus that head case thing.

  2. Dippy says :

    Love the pic of her and shirtless Roger. Made my shitty monday slightly brighter

  3. JFK says :

    Yay for Sveta not choking! The best part of the ceremony was when Aga hit Sveta with that stuffed tennis toy.
    Omg she is so lucky for seeing Fed shirtless right in front of her eyes….

  4. Liz says :

    I love the way she’s being so blatant about it. No eye contact going on here!

  5. Blue says :

    Love the last pic. I don’t blame her at all.

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