Picket Fence Vid: In a dry season…

The complete lack of Federer-related news aside, we have a small vid to remind us of his big fat nose. 



Thirsty. So thirsty.


10 responses to “Picket Fence Vid: In a dry season…”

  1. girl from michigan says :

    Ugh… I’m thirsty too.

    Damn him and his privacy and seclusion. Why can’t he be out and about, with paparazzi stalking him and feeding us peeks of him wiping the drool off of Charlene’s face? Why?????

  2. JFK says :

    Hey, his nose IS cute. He has a cute freckle on it, too.

  3. Mia says :

    Reminds me of a poster on TW who kept insisting that TMF had a nose job. If that is already a nose job, he should have sued the plastic surgeon. Roger Federer needs no nose job, current proboscis notwithstanding.

  4. Blue says :

    I won’t be able to watch him play here in December because I’ll be away *sniff* Since you mentioned the nose, it kept distracting me from what he was saying so I had to watch again.

  5. Dippy says :

    TQ, at some vid to remind us how he looks like. 3 more lousy weeks before we can catch a glimpse of royal highness….

  6. Nilhenwen says :

    Awks, I luvs his big nose =P
    Lol, thanks for posting

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