Quotable Quotes: I thought bitchfests were for the WTA…

Over in the Orient, Marat Safin played one set of flawless tennis followed by two sets of headcasiness to lose to Berdych, 36 64 64, ending his last tournament in China. 

If anyone harbored wishful thoughts that Safin might “do an Henin“, he’s certainly left himself with no way back after calling out fellow players about injuries and MTOs. 

Not only did Marat refuse to shake Berdych’s hand after the match because his opponent took extended MTOs during their match, he also slammed other players for complaining about the length of the season.



“Just come on; just grow up a little bit; 26 years old; just deal with that. If you’re losing, just be a man; be a man and lose as a man.

“Don’t pretend that you are injured and then you start running around and start to hit winners and then all of a sudden you pull the hands up in the air after winning the match?

“So then of course the guy will say: ‘No, I’ve been injured but then I felt a little bit better’.

“Of course he will find 10,000 excuses. Still, it’s not enough. You’re playing or you’re not playing. If you’re playing, so just shut…up and play.”


On the tour calendar: 


“In 2004 we had this discussion in Olympic Games with Roddick about it and they were blaming me that I’m playing too much.”

“And I was saying that the season is too long. We should make it shorter. And the guys, they jumped on me, like I was the one who was wrong.

“So look at all of them — everybody is falling apart. Everybody is getting injured left and right, and everybody is complaining the season is long. It takes six years to realise that something is wrong?

“They just have to deal with that, not when they are 21 and ambitious and want to make money. They have to think a little bit with their brains and to make the career a little bit longer.”


Just a thought – what would your reaction be if it was Lleyton Hewitt and not Marat Safn making these comments?

I may not buy the whole “it’s all the ATP’s fault we’re injured” argument, but let’s just say that Marat doesn’t get a free pass from me on this just because he’s charmingly bitchy.


15 responses to “Quotable Quotes: I thought bitchfests were for the WTA…”

  1. FortuneCookie says :

    Yeah totally see what you mean,some things even hotness can’t justify…As bad as it is,if Lleyton from a few years back had made those kind of comments I’d have just thought ‘that wanker…’ once again,so you’ve got a pretty good point there!
    Lleyton post-kids seems to be way less of a dick though…Speaking of him,I read in the paper today Kimmy’s sister has just had a son called Cruz,which totally made me snicker!Surely she knows that her sister’s ex-fiance has a kid named that too right??LOL

  2. Dippy says :

    I am going to miss Marat….got to love him for his bitchiness. Sweet

  3. sazzylove says :

    Uh oh…..that’s gotta hurt Maratski.I didnt know that you got a mean side at all.But you are right.I’m with you on “if you are losing be a man and lose as a man”dig.Some of your colleagues are hypocrites so what can you do?Bitch about it in a big way huh ? and i so like it. SO much! 🙂

  4. Blue says :

    Why are you talking so much sense, Marat? I agree with him.

  5. Liz says :

    I actually support Marat on this one (does hotness factor into my decision? — hmmm).

    I hate the MTOs and the wimpy players who jerk their opponents around with them. It’s so annoying to see someone take one and just as Marat said, then get up and play lights out. If you’re injured or worn out, then forfeit the match!

    He probably should have shaken Berdych’s hand, but let him have him moment of bitchiness. He’s generally only mad at himself, not other players.

    • dootsiez says :

      I agree with his comment on the MTOs, but he didn’t need to have a go at Andy for something that happened back in 2004. And yes, hotness is always a factor. Just picture the Worm saying the exact same thing 😛

  6. JFK says :

    So much sense. Ah Marat, never change. Just be yourself.

  7. roadrunnerz says :

    Heh…imagine the international incident if FED had said something like that?

    I think you’re right though…Marat’s hotness and all- around entertainment value makes people shrug it off when he says stuff like this. It’s a double standard for sure.

    That said, I agree with him for the most part. Players taking MTOs only to return to court playing unbelievable tennis has been one of my pet peeves for a long time. I hate it and I absolutely believe some players use MTOs to regroup and throw the other players off his/her momentum. I didn’t watch this match so I can’t really judge, but props to Marat for saying what so many others want to say.

    • Mia says :

      Yep, if Fed said that the media would be all over him for sour-graping, finding excuses, etc. TMF just does his talking re the MTOs in his own way — over 800 matches, 0 retirement.

      • dootsiez says :

        LOL of course, if Roger’s little rant at the US Open was done by Andy Roddick or Marat Safin, or really – anyone else, there wouldn’t have been an issue. It’s funny how some players were asked about it afterwards and they were like “meh. whatever.” Yet some haters were making a huge deal out of it.

        Well if that’s the way they want to see it 😛

    • dootsiez says :

      LOL had Roger said something like that there would’ve been a few thousand threads across cyberspace condemning him.

      I agree with Marat on the MTOs, but him having a go at Roddick for something he said back in 2004 was just uncalled-for. Oh Marat …

  8. Tru says :

    Truth hurts!

  9. flo says :

    Marat’s picture should accompany the word blunt in the next edition of Webster’s. I don’t mind it when he’s talking shop but it did grate on me when he’d rant about the US.

    About the schedule, most of the players aren’t confident enough about their abilities in a good field at the bigger tourneys esp. the GSs. So I get why they’d over extend themselves at tier IIs and below. But all the player that fancy themselves as the cream of the crop should just follow Serena’s strategy of going 1st gear for small tournaments and save up for the GS. If they want to be slightly more professional than do what Rog has been doing for the past few years.

    Players like Rafa should rethink going all macho/honourable with every stupid tournament; I think the ATP officials are pretty much hinting that players should give 100% every time with the congested schedule.

    • dootsiez says :

      the thing is, it’s completely up to the players to choose between quality and quantity and unfortunately they chose quantity for whatever reasons. We do need a certain number of tournaments a year, not everyone makes big bucks like Roger and Rafa. Some of the players from the 30-100 brackets will need to play a long season because they won’t have many wins. But I think the whole concept of mandatory events should be scrapped.

  10. flo says :

    Not knowing a lot about it I would agree but I’m sure the suits at the ATP probably bend over backwards for the big sponsors and want some mechanism in place to get most of the top players in the mandatories. I mean without having to shell out lots of money like Dubai.

    Hey, on MTOs, I’m sure some people have suggested giving a penalty (regardless of whether it’s a strategic or real one) to the player of like one break of service. That way you pay for the MTO you take and if you can overcome the break then it would be worth it but the disincentive to do so should deter or at least curb the gamesmanship.

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