Quotable Quotes: Real prediction, false prophet.

I came across this freakish gem today, written back in 2001 by Chris Bowers, right before a certain R16 Wimbledon match.

Now that’s what I call a real prediction. 


So just who is going to stop Pete Sampras at Wimbledon? The great American has lost just once on centre court, and in the 1996 quarter-finals he was beaten by the man who went on to win the title, Richard Krajicek.

As such it’s fair to wonder which of the big names could topple Sampras, but maybe it won’t be a leading player. A look through Sampras’ form at Wimbledon suggests that he suffers one below-par performance in the championships, usually before the quarter-finals. And the man he is likely to face in the fourth round is good enough to inflict serious damage on the champion.

It is doubtful whether at 19 [Federer] is quite ready to win the seven matches needed to become Wimbledon champion, but he is certainly a star in the making. And if he does come up against Sampras in the round of the last 16, the champion will have to be at his best to beat the precocious but likeable Swiss.

And if Federer fails to stay the course this year, note the name for the future.

Source: the Scotsman


Contrast with another prediction, 8 years later at the same tournament, by our favourite friend – Simon Reed, right before the semifinals:


Eurosport-Yahoo! blogger Simon Reed believes Tommy Haas will push Roger Federer hard in their semi-final after his victory over Novak Djokovic.

Haas is playing the best tennis of his life at the moment, and I can see him easily winning a set in his match against the world number two.

Federer should still have enough to beat him if he is at the top of his game, but it will be intriguing and there will not be much between them.

I think Haas could win a Grand Slam in the future, particularly if the rumours about the extent of Rafael Nadal’s injury problems are true.


Err … because Rafael Nadal was evidently the only thing standing in the way of Tommy Haas winning a slam. 




Okay, so I might be more inclined to kiss and make-up, except the Prophet then clowned on: 


[Murray] semi-final opponent Andy Roddick battled tremendously hard to come through his match with Lleyton Hewitt in five sets.

I disagree that the American may be weary after the match, because the points were short and he will recover by Friday.

Murray will have too much for Roddick in the semis, and I see the Brit coming through the match without any problems at all.

I have never felt that either Roddick or Hewitt would provide a particularly stern test for the world number three, and I think that his game will be far too strong.

I think Murray will win it comfortably – he may drop a set, but I doubt even that.

Source: Eurosport


And let’s not forget his “it’s all over for Federer” rant back in Feb, and or the “I saw Fernando Verdasco yesterday, HE IS THE FUTURE!!” claims at Indian Wells. 

I think we may have found tennis blogosphere’s own version of a “shock jock”.


Hindsight’s a bitch and so am I,

xx doots

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5 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Real prediction, false prophet.”

  1. JFK says :

    Good grief. File away those Simon Reed articles in the Loony files. He can’t see past his love for Murray to analyze tennis.

    As for the other article by Chris Bowers, I loved “Note the name for the future” 😀 😀

  2. Mia says :

    No wonder Chris Bowers was able to (successfully) parlay his crystal ball into a book.

  3. Blue says :

    Now I remember why I stopped reading anything written by people named Bodo, Reed or Bricker.

  4. pban says :

    There is a balance to everything for every Chris Bowers you have a Reed.But the article itself was amazingly insightful,wow it was almost eerie the way he talked about Roger 8 years back.

  5. Liz says :

    Love it! My laugh for the day. Forget about Fedal — it’s all about Haasdal!

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