Picspam: Hi Roger! When did you turn Asian?

Zeng Shao-Xuan, China’s No 1 male player at a career high ranking of 396, made history in Shanghai a few days ago has he upset Dudi Sela to become the first Chinese man to progress to Round 2.

Unfortunately for Zeng, he ran into a rock solid Jo-Wills and having no answer to serves coming at him at the speed of sound, conceded the match 36 36. 

Quite apart from that, Zeng appears to have stolen TMF’s wardrobe. Just in Shanghai this week, he went through a year’s worth of Fed’s outfits.


Exhibit A:



Exhibit B:



Exhibit C:



Exhibit D:




Images via PHILIPPE LOPEZ/AFP/Getty Images, and Matthew Stockman/Getty Images.


15 responses to “Picspam: Hi Roger! When did you turn Asian?”

  1. breadstix says :

    HAHAHAH! *amused* Oh gosh, so true. Surely it couldn’t be a coincidence that he’s worn all of that in a week. Oh well, if it got Zeng to R3… maybe he’s channelling the Fed. xP

  2. SJ says :

    Maybe Zeng thought if he dressed like Federer he would play like Federer, I double taked when i saw Zeng’s shirt when he was playing Tsonga, my first thought was ‘i didn’t know wimbledon was in shanghai’ when i saw the all white asemble and my second thought was ‘OMG it’s Federer’s outfit’ when i saw the gold and these pictures of him wearing Fed’s outfits just make me laugh.

  3. LJ says :

    yeah i totally did a double take when i saw the FO09 polo. Heaps of players wear fed’s shoes but I don’t think anyone wears his shirts right? cause he OWNS the line.

    • recessional says :

      There was a senior tournament here in the Netherlands at the beginning of October, that had Ivanisevic, Philippoussis, Krajicek, etc. and I was very (pleasantly) surprised to see Thomas Enqvist and Cedric Pioline wearing Fed outfits, namely the red USO one and the Miami one, respectively. It was pretty awesome pretending it was Federer playing. 8D

  4. pban says :

    Did he have the RF logo in place as well, that truly would be channeling the almighty one.

  5. Mia says :

    Perhaps, Nike thought this was the next best thing. Given that the real TMF — who has gazillions of fans in China was MIA — they opted to channel him via a Chinese player.

  6. JFK says :

    Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery 😉

  7. flo says :

    Yeah, I think this was Nike clearing out their warehouse. It’s kinda an outlet mall situation. No offense to Zeng Shao-Xuan, I hope he’ll breakthrough to top 200.

  8. girl from michigan says :

    No ZSX monograming? If you are going to imitate the Master you need to go the full distance.

  9. EP says :

    He’s channeling his inner TMF… by wearing TMF’s shirts….

    hmmm must’ve made sense to someone XP

  10. divinedevilxyz says :

    Cheers! Great observation.
    does he also play with a 1HBH? or at least some kind of aggressive tennis?

  11. divinedevilxyz says :

    yikes. should’ve been “have a 1HBH?”

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