Quotable Quotes: Hang on, didn’t we go over this 2 years ago?

Hey guys, just thought I’d let you know – THE FEDAL ERA IS COMING TO AN END.

For the umptheenth.

Like. ZOMG! 



HONG KONG (AP)—Andre Agassi says Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal’s domination of the men’s game is coming to an end, tipping Scotsman Andy Murray as the most likely successor.

“Now we have possibly the changing of the guard. You have those top two who are now losing ground to the likes of (Novak) Djokovic and Murray and (Juan Martin) del Potro,” Agassi told reporters in Hong Kong by phone from Las Vegas.

Nadal has struggled with injuries since his stunning exit in the fourth round of the French Open. Federer won the French and Wimbledon, breaking Pete Sampras’ record of 14 Grand Slams, but was beaten in the U.S. Open final by 21-year-old Argentine del Potro. It was the first Grand Slam won by a player other than Federer or Nadal since Djokovic won the 2008 Australian Open.

Agassi, who preceded Federer in winning all four grand slam tournaments over his career, believes the Swiss “still has the chance to do some more special things,” but the 28-year-old’s chances are diminishing with age.

Agassi, who was promoting his upcoming exhibition match against Sampras in the Chinese gambling enclave Macau on Oct. 25, worried that Nadal’s injuries may be chronic.

“If you’re struggling with your knee, it tends to be recurring and not to be easy to do, so I got to believe he’ll struggle with it probably for his career,” Agassi said.

Agassi said the 22-year-old Murray is the man most likely to be the dominant figure over the next few years. The world No. 3 is still seeking his first Grand Slam title.

“From a talent standpoint, Murray is a person who should win multiple Slams,” Agassi said.

“When I look at his game compared to the other players, he has what it takes to win and to win against anybody on any surface.”

Source: Yahoo


I’m not saying he’s entirely wrong. I’m just saying he’s stating the obvious and stating it prematurely.

Back in 2007, I thought Djokovic might be the one to end Federer and Nadal’s stranglehold. He seemingly did, a year later at the Australian Open. But the Almight Fedal reinstated their dominance with such intensity during the summer of 2008 that the topic was thrown into the backwaters of tennis world. Not entirely dissipated, just biding its time.


Then of course, del Poop took the US Open this year, defeating an injured Nadal and an exhausted  if not slightly complacent Federer en route to the title and suddenly, the discussion flares up again. Surprise, surprise.

But you know what? Federer and Nadal aren’t going anywhere. Even if they weren’t the No 1 and 2 players in the world (which they still are, in case you only read Simon Reed), Fed and Rafa are still going to be major slam contenders, in a Williams Sisters kinda way.

I’m not sure how Andre defines “successor”. To me, there will be no immediate successor to Federer and Nadal. 

Once their hold on the game wanes, we’re back to 4 different slam winners a year, the top spot shuffled between 3 or 4 guys – the early noughties “merry-go-round”. Murray will most probably be one of the guys in contention. Or as Simon Reed would have us believe, it’s going to be the era of the Muzzlic.

Like. ZOMG.

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29 responses to “Quotable Quotes: Hang on, didn’t we go over this 2 years ago?”

  1. SJ says :

    I’m not believeing a word that Agassi says until it actually happens, after a lot of the greats bizarre predictions for the US open I’ve learnt not read too much into what they say as they are still people with opinions and opinions are not fact. In my opinion Murray, Djokovic and Del Potro can only end the Fedal era if they have the right mentality and fitness to constantly put pressure on them and beat them as well as beating other players as well, something that Murray struggled with last year (beating Fed losing to Davo, beating Nadal losing to Fed), it’s normal for players once they’ve won their first grand slam to play below their usual level for a few months or even a year, so i think Djokovic will show his true self next year as the same for Del Potro (in the summer) who has to really change his game if he wants to win wimbledon, I can still see Federer winning two slams next year, and if both Federer and Nadal combined win two or more slams with either one of them appearing as a finalist then the Fedal era is still pretty much alive and no one os getting anywhere near the clay masters trophies if Nadal is 100% fit, it’s wishful thinking to say otherwise. Murray regardless of what he says is not dealing with pressure too well and I feel he is peaking a little to early before and in grand slams e.g. Queens, Montreal. Also i saw an article the other day when Agassi said that if Murray dosen’t win a slam next year then he never will, why has he changed his tune?

    I’d just like to add that Nadal will surprise everyone and will play for a long time to come, a few years ago weren’t people saying that Nadal will have hung up racquet by the age of 23 because of busted knees yet he’s a winner of five titles this year including a grand slam and even matched his best performance as the US open even when not at his best, when he’s Federer age he might not be his best but he will still be a dangerous opponent.

  2. Liz says :

    I was surprised when I read Agassi’s words — this seems like pretty lazy analysis on his part. I agree with you that we will not see another dominant player like Roger or even a duo like Fedal. Murray will be in the mix, but at this point, I don’t even see him as the best of the rest.

  3. sazzylove says :

    Now i am gonna wait and see if Agassi will turn out to be either a real prophet or a false prophet.Hehe!

    Goodluck to all of us tennis fanatics if tennis world will be ruled by someone as Smug and Ugly and Unexciting as Murray!Shudders at the thought of Muzz era?Oh Please tennis Gods!Have Mercy on US!

  4. JFK says :

    I love that photo “DYSTOPIA”
    Whatever Agassi. Didn’t he also pick Muzz to win the Australian Open and USO?
    Well it looks like Simon Reed has found a best friend.

    • dootsiez says :

      aww Andre’s better than Simon Reed. I’ve got a soft spot for him. In terms of predictions, at least he’s like Mats Wilander, who claimed that “Roger will never win a slam” one minute and then proclaiming that he knew all along that Roger was made of tougher stuff.

  5. Julie says :

    Ah Andre, you’ve been proven wrong before. Wasn’t he tipping Murray to win the USO? Tough luck! Why can’t anyone just enjoy the Fedal ride as long as it’ll last before making predictions? Why is it that all those ex-players and journalists feel the need to indulge in their inner Nostradamus?

    The only person they should ask those kind of questions is Marat! He’ll probably give the most honest answer (seing as they were heralding him as the next Sampras!): he doesn’t know and he doesn’t care! Stuff happens and stuff changes in the blink of an eye: Murray’s wrist could bother him for the rest of his career, Djoker could decide to hang up his rackets and open Novak restaurants all over the world, Delpo could just decide to play soccer now that he has a GS and seing how the national team needs cojones to kick Maradona out and Marin could finally come to his senses and ask me to marry him!

    • Blue says :

      Murray was also supposed to win the AO and be no.1 by the end of the year. Nadal was supposed to get the career slam this year and Federer was supposed to be washed up, never beat Nadal and never win another slam. Oops.

      It may happen eventually, but not yet. I highly doubt we’ll ever see a player like Roger again or witness a rivalry like his with Nadal.

    • dootsiez says :

      Get in line behind me for Marin! 😛

  6. pban says :

    wow that is an amazing list of possibilities especially the last. Icouldn’t agree with you more ,why everybody is so eager to see them fall is too perplexing for words.I simply cannot imagine a slam where I am frazzle free on the second sunday,what will we worry about once Roger decides to hang up his custom made nike sneakers?It is improbable that a player of such breathtaking beauty would emerge once again in our lifetimes. Please spare us the prophecies and let us just savour the riches the tennis Gods have bestowed on us.

  7. pban says :

    omg have you guys noticed, roger’s puny left arm is thinner than rafa’s wrist…lol.Just a quirky reminder of all the things I adore about him.

  8. flo says :

    I think, as Ms. Krystle Lee at tennis brain dissected, that Andy Murray still has to make adjustments to be a real contender at the slams. And I can’t think of one multi-slam winner who favoured countering to dictating play. Okay, may the Brugeras at Roland Garros but then Murray doesn’t like the clay. He favours the US hardcourts but then he can get bulldozed on a good day from the big bois. Just don’t see it at present.

    At the same time, the gap has closed a little bit between Fedal and the rest of the pack. There’s no article if Agassi just said it’s still Fedal for the foreseeable future. And the prediction of their demise will only become more probable with time.

    • dootsiez says :

      Hmm I actually think Murray does have all the right things for a slam right now. Apart from a little steel in his mentality, being able to weather the storm, strategically being more proactive instead of passive-aggressive.

      Of course, one day the gap between Fedal and the rest will close, but I find it a little premature to be making these sort of predictions, and waiting 2 or 3 years to say “oh of course, I knew that a long time ago.”

  9. mgasol says :

    It seems that Agassi is quick to write off the FEDAL rivalry because of the simple fact that it is overshadowing virtually every other tennis player out there (active or retired), including himself. Sorry, Andre, the 80’s are over. This is the FEDAL ERA, deal with it.

    • Joey says :

      Agreed, remember when… was it Wilander or Lendl? Yeah, anyway, one of them came out and said that Federer doesn’t have the balls to beat Nadal, and that was just before Federer surpassed this guy in terms of slams. It’s only understandable that these “legends” are afraid of Federer/Nadal being better than they were. All credit to Sampras, never heard much along these lines from him.

      • dootsiez says :

        ^ Didn’t Sampras say a few months ago that Roger’s H2H vs Rafa detracted from his GOAThood? We all know what Sampras’ H2H v Agassi is 😉

        Because I love Agassi, I’m happy to accept that he didn’t make this comment in bad faith. Some of the other “former champions” I’m not so sure.

        And it was Wilander who made that comment. I suggest Roger take a picture of his wilanders and send it to Mats. 😉

  10. Alex says :

    Well Murray is going to be a HUGE favorite to win the 2010 Aussie Open. He has to win that, he’s going to be 22y8months and that’s usually when most all-time greats already have won a slam.

    • Mia says :

      Just so happens that only one great — a certain fella named Federer — was weeks shy of 22 when he won his first slam. The others won theirs way earlier. Nobody thought he’d go on a tear to get past everybody else. Whether Murray’s success arc can ever go anywhere near this fella Federer’s is the 64-pound sterling question.

    • dootsiez says :

      hmmm … not sure that Murray’s going to be a “HUGE” favourite, heat’s not his thing as far as I know. And Melb in Jan is basically an oven. But sure he’s going to be a major contender.

      And who said Murray was going to be an all-time great? He’s gonna be one hell of a player, it remains to be seen what he’ll manage to accomplish beyond that.

      Although if he wins Wimbledon, it may be regarded as an all-time great just for the national significance of that alone.

  11. pban says :

    Well if he plans to win wimbledon from 10 feet behind the baseline, good luck to him.Anyway Iam not prepared to hand wimby to anyone else just yet,one 2008 is more than enough to last a lifetime.

    • mgasol says :

      hear, hear. That was nothing short of traumatic, to say the least. I cried, wallowed and bawled all my bodily fluids dry from that tragedy that we know as the Wimby ’08. Now that he has reclaimed his throne, like the good King that he is, I am not yet ready for him to relinquish it to any of the so-called “heir apparent” out there, more so to Andy Murray. I’m a huge Delpo fan and I would love for him to win more GS, but not in Wimby because Centre Court is Roger’s palace.

      • pban says :

        Wimbledon should be under lock and key at least till the 2012 olympics.Wouldn’t it be another epic twist to this wonderful saga that is Roger’s career that he fulfills his long cherished dream of an olympic singles gold at his beloved wimbledon.

      • dootsiez says :

        we can safely say that del Potro is *not* going to win Wimbledon. The guy can’t move on grass.

        And being the only non-delpo fan in the world since September 2009 AD, I’m hoping he holds off this need to win more slams well until Roger bags a few more, and a few other contenders emerge from that generation of players. 😉

  12. FortuneCookie says :

    I’m thinking my boredom as a result of no Fed has reached its peak… 😉
    Was just looking at the rankings to see how the top 8 is going to be etc,and ended up finding my way towards Fed’s doubles activity,and then a load of other players,makes pretty random/interesting reading…
    For example,anyone know that Fed reached Wimbly dubs quarters in 2000,that the title he won with Safin was as a result of the other team retiring ONE GAME into the match,and it was the retiring team who’d won it??Just a few little tidbits 😛
    And Roddick once played dubs with Fabrice Santoro,I…really can’t imagine that,and have no idea why I found that SUCH a bizarre match up!Actually wait,I think I just found a weirder one…RODDICK/GONZALEZ
    And what’s worse,is that I actually have important things I should be doing haha!

    • FortuneCookie says :

      Anyone got any weirder dubs teams that spring to mind?
      del Potro/Fish in Madrid this year does have to be up there for me,and ATP says Delpo once played dubs with Karlovic??I think I just fell asleep… 😉

      • dootsiez says :

        del Potro/Fish? Woah, I totally missed that.

        Dunno about weird, but Kuzzy/Mauresmo was about the most awesome dubs team since Safederer.

        Roger also played dubs with Hewitt once at Wimbledon 1999. Lost to Rafter/Bjorkman in a highly entertaining 4 setter. Lleyton had the whole long blonde hair thing going on back then… :S

        • FortuneCookie says :

          Saw Kuzzy/Mauresmo at Wimbly,was as reliably awesome as you’d expect :p It was basically on a practice court with zero seats but cos of them playing there was quite a big crowd,so just involved me and my dad going ‘Quick go go go!’ when someone left haha,we did get ourselves right to the front eventually…
          They both genuinely seem to be friends which was great to see,and Kuzzy pretended to start an argument with the umpire on match point,’C’MON JUST GIVE US A BREAK?!’,they’d been steamrolling their opponents 😉
          Was a trip seeing two grand slam winners on a court so small they had to push through the crowd to get out though!

        • dootsiez says :

          Ah – you’d expect the pair of them to get a huge crowd. Various reports suggest that Kuzzy really has the best personality on tour. I don’t doubt that!

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