Shanghai: Last Men Standing.

You might’ve noticed a complete lack of Shanghai coverage this week: 1) the tennis has been mostly uninspiring given the number of retirements this week, 2) life away from tennis, it actually exists. And unfortunately for me, it exists solely to kick my ass. 

But I did manage to catch a few matches this week, and a lot of this happened: 



He was never known for his mental tenacity, but Nikolay Davydenko hung on like a leech despite losing the first set. In a classic third set, neither players wavered on breakpoints, bringing the match to a deciding tiebreak. 

Sometimes you just have to say too good – Davo turned up the heat during the tiebreak with some of the best tennis I’ve seen from him since Miami 2008. Meanwhile Djokovic slipped into a full-blown comatose, winning only 1 point to concede the match 46 64 76(1).

Such a performance from the Russian probably deserves a picture. Or not. I’m just not that into the whole receding hair-line flaunt.

How about lovely Irina instead?



Come back soon Roger! Before I start cheating on Mirka with other WAGs. 



Not much to say about second semifinal, except that Feli probably would’ve retired earlier than he did, had he not been playing his friend Rafa. It was such painful, abysmal tennis from Feli’s side of the net that you couldn’t really judge Rafa’s level. He did what he had to do. 

The injury-ridden semifinal aside, Feli Lopez continues to show that he is capable of playing beautiful tennis for just one week per calendar year.

He used up that quota for 2009 against Soderling, a match that proved to the tennis masses that – yes, contrary to popular belief, Feli does have an organ of nervous tissues in between his ears, and yes – he does use it sometimes.



And whatever happens, Feli will always have the most beautiful eyes in tennis. Amen.

In matches earlier in the week: you know, just because it’s nearly the end of the season, doesn’t mean players can just STOP SHAVING and let themselves go. 

How do you think my employers would feel if I just stopped plucking my eyebrows by October each year? Huh? HUH?!!



Yes, you Gilles. You too. 



I forgive the pair of them after they both put up respectable performances against Nadal and Djokovic to somewhat redeem their year of disillusionment.

Or perhaps disillusionment runs deeper, deep into the third set in fact, where players like Nadal and Djokovic don’t blink,and others like Simon and Blake wonder, for just a split second, whether they have what it takes.

A split second later, they’re down a break and the match is over.


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16 responses to “Shanghai: Last Men Standing.”

  1. Mia says :

    Even before the actual match, it was a foregone conclusion that Nadal would come away the winner. But an injury? How’d that happen, Feli? It’s not as if you’ve been playing tens of matches and going deep into tournaments. Why not try another job, like the catwalk (seeing as his TV soap career has not exactly blossomed)?

    • dootsiez says :

      I thought Feli injured his ankle during the match. But it looked like a back injury for a while too.

      I dunno anymore, everyone’s playing with some form of injury. So glad Roger didn’t make the trip to Asia in hindsight – look at Del Potro and Roddick: two tournaments in Asia, walk away not only winless, but injured.

      • Mia says :

        Yep, he supposedly twisted his right ankle on the last point of the first set but the score (6-1) puts in doubt whether he tried hard to begin with. His effort, or more accurately the lack thereof, was purportedly because he woke up with a right foot infection. Hmm, don’t infections that are such they can hamper one’s movement do not just appear overnight? Sorry for bringing up icky stuff but there have to be prior “incidents”, such as a wound or what-not and failure to take care of that, which can lead to say — sorry — pus and thus, infection? No such signs in the Soderling match.

        • dootsiez says :

          hmm one of the commentators thought he had a back problem earlier. But you’re right, Feli Lopez wasn’t just playing badly in the first set, he was barely putting the ball in the court. I do however trust the character of Nadal, I just wish Feli never took out the Sod if he wasn’t even going to fight in the semi.

  2. JFK says :

    I can’t believe Nole didn’t show up for the tie break. At least it was an entertaining match. Oh well. Nadal has already had 2 retirements and he’ll probably be fresher for the final anyways.

  3. Julie says :

    Rafa did not have to play match point since the third round! That is mind-boggling. Take note ATP. Roger is probably patting himself in the back for not making the trip. When everyone arrives in London lame, injured or exhausted, he’ll regally swoop him with the Mighty Twins and win it all!. Just give us something in the meantime Fed, a picture, a facebook video, anything because right now, even Kolya is starting to look attractive…

  4. flo says :

    Completely unrelated to this post but Don Draper over Roger Federer. Ma’am, I believe you are out of order. It’s a thin line between Don and a 2-bit hustler, although he is a magnificent scoundrel. He’s got more action on the side than, well, Roger Sterling.

    • dootsiez says :

      Oh but he’s so snazzy and smooth and charismatic and oozing with intelligence.

      Not to mention a GENIUS at what he does. *drools*

      Who’s to say “no” to a “magnificent scoundrel”?

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