WTA: 1-14.

That is the combined title win/loss record for Stosur and Schiavone, who happen to be our two finalists in Osaka this week.

So who wants to win? 

I’ve got my fingers crossed for Sam, who “deserves” a title at least to validate what’s been a breakthrough year for her, not to mention a semifinal well-played against Caroline Wozniacki.

Stosur “should’ve” won in straight sets after going up 60 31, but it wouldn’t be WTA tennis without some form of mental AWOL. Sure enough, Sam got complacent and CWoz took the second set 64, before my compatriot found her serve again, closing out the last set 64 to bring her total ace count to 12. 



Carol dear, I love you and your babychin, but this schedule farce has to stop. You’re one of the big girls now. 



Wozniacki has played a whopping 82 singles matches this year (and another 23 doubles) across 25 tournaments. What’s more – she’s down for Luxembourg and Doha. 

It may not be a big deal when you’re 19, but if she continues at this rate, there’ll be a price to pay in 3 or 4 years time. 


Over in Linz, racquet-smashing is so passe. Real ladies chew their schticks instead.



Nina took down Flavs 76 63 to progress through to the final, where she’ll be facing Petra Kvitova in their US Open rematch. 

Unfortunately for Flavs, this means that she’s eliminated from the race for the last spot in Doha

Fortunately for Wicky, she has a chance to take her second title of the year, after winning her first WTA title in Estoril back in May. 

Serious kudos to the Chinese clothing manufacturer Erke, who has been showing quite a bit of interest in tennis in the last few years. It’s only a matter of time before they sign a big name in tennis. Before then, they have Yanina Wiiiiickmayer. 



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3 responses to “WTA: 1-14.”

  1. JFK says :

    Caro needs to lighten up on the schedule. She has a very defensive game. She’s just like Jelena Jankovic from 2008 who played the most matches!

  2. Julie says :

    JFK beated me to the JJ comparison. It’s uncanny the way they are similar. Both are defensive players who wouldn’t hit a outright winner to save their lives. We now have 2 defensive players in the top 10. How’s that for variety WTA-bashers? But I’ll give JJ an edge. Caro is just shoot-yourself-in-the-head boring. JJ brings the on-court drama (and when she plays Bartoli, off-court drama as well!). It’s sad to realize that the last competitive GS final in the WTA was the USO 08: ReRe VS Glitter Queen.

  3. Tashi says :

    Flavi, nooooooooo! [sobbs] I wanted her in Doha. She can still get there as an alternate, no?

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