Shop til you drop: A Shopaholics Guide to the Tennis World.

With Christmas nearing, Roger Federer has released his annual calendar for 2010, all proceeds to the RF Foundation. Having found myself bizarrely in the “Shop” section of for the first time, I decided to check out the stores of other players to see how the Fed fares in online retail.


1. Shop Federer

Surprisingly understocked, the Roger Federer shop keeps a few red RF caps, RF Foundation’s tshirt, fan calendar, and stamps released by the Swiss post-office a few years ago, signed by Roger. 

Clicking on anything gear related takes you to a link to the Tennis Warehouse. Otherwise, all proceeds from the shop go towards the Roger Federer Foundation, supporting children in two towns in South Africa and Ethiopia.  

The calendar, if I may add, is totally ace. 




2. Shop Nadal

These players’ shops are certainly not living up to expectations. For starters, my ebay account lists more items than Federer and Nadal’s shops combined. 

Compared to the Fed, Nadal’s shop has a few more printed publications, like “The World of Rafael Nadal: the Secrets of his Success”, and Rafa Nadal’s official biography.

But like Roger, all gears are sold through Tennis Warehouse or a sponsor’s site, and that aside, Rafa’s store seems to be equally understocked.





 3. Shop Djokovic

It became apparently to me within seconds of entering “Shop Novak” that the Djokovic’s take the word “Shop” very literally.

So literally that Shop Novak is actually a physical store at “Boulevard Arsenija Čarnojevića 95a, New Belgrade”.

That. Ladies and gentlemen. Is the place to be. 




Doots’ personal Shop Novak must-haves include:

1) I heart Nole tshirts.




2) Novak Djokovic pens and ipod pouch




3) Life couldn’t be complete if I couldn’t drink from a Nole drink bottle. 




4. Shop Mandy

First of all, a monkey face without body carpet is like a cat without fur. 




Secondly, Mandy’s store pushes novelty to the brink of hilarity. 




For the communists among us, how about a Chairman Mandy tshirt? 




Or perhaps Mandy Bears and “Game Set Murray” car stickers are more your thang, You shtinking pile of capitalist turd!?






It’s okay. We don’t judge. 


5. Shop Masha. 

Compared to the guys, very few of the girls’ sites actually have a shop section. Ivanovic’s Shop takes you to Tennis Warehouse. Neither Vee or Ree have a shop section, although they do link to third party websites selling their products. 

But when all else fails, consumerism can always depend on Maria Sharapova for its salvation. 

Moving out sweetie? Decorate your bedroom with life-sized Sharapova vinyl art! 




Getting gifts for that significant other? Sharapova’s perfume comes with a squishy little Siberian husky named Sasha.






6. Shop Australian Open.

I never had time to look through the shop properly. Because after loading the first page, I caught a kangaroo and a koala doing things that kangaroos and koalas should never be caught doing




Now I’m traumatised for life. 


So what’s your favourite player merchandise? Which star has the best store? And where should Andy Murray’s face be printed next? 

The jury is out on that one.

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25 responses to “Shop til you drop: A Shopaholics Guide to the Tennis World.”

  1. Liz says :

    I love cute lil happy Roger! His hair was awesome even then!

  2. pban says :

    The ballet dancer like balance was evident even then, so was the potato nose and the adorable smile.

  3. breadstix says :

    LIFE SIZE VINYL ART! Props to Masha, all players need to make and sell their own life sized thing. I’m still on the lookout for that elusive life size cardboard cutout of Swissy.

    Speaking of Swissy, I lol’d at the choice of photos for that calendar. HOTDOG. DORKY-FOETERER:)FACE. BABYFED. *swoons* WANT.

    Muzza’s merchandise is always hilarious. Although why anyone would want a half-nekkid MAndy on their wall is beyond me…

    • dootsiez says :

      ^ Some people find fug sexy. Who am I to judge 😛

      And ditto on the life sized cardboard cutout of Swissy. I will find I tell ya. AO/Kooyong next year. One of them’s gotta make one. I mean – WHY WOULDN’T YOU?

      • breadstix says :

        Each to their own, I guess. 😛

        I NO RITE?? People would totally buy them. I know I would. Who wouldn’t want a potato-nosed puny-armed Swiss standing around in your living room flashing his monkey face? (I know I would).

        ((Maybe I should loiter outside the WTF O2 Arena next month… surely they make ’em… surely they wouldn’t mind a crazed fan or three runnign off with one…))

    • pban says :

      Our friend Simon Reed probably would want one.

  4. JFK says :

    I only buy stuff from Roger if he makes it to a Grand Slam final for good luck… but NOW i must have the giant Masha Fierce on my wall. That’d be so baller. And Roger should have one too!

  5. says :

    There’s no truth to the rumors that there’s something untoward going on between the koala and the kangaroo. They’re just good friends, we promise!

    Our new merchandise range has been launched for Australian Open 2010

    As usual the player towels are set to be a winner and, for a limited time, if you buy two Australian Open 2010 player towels you get a free framed pic of 2009 champions Serena Williams and Rafael Nadal.

    • LJ says :

      hmmmm, do i really need to be reminded of rog’s painful and tragic defeat at the hands of rafa?

      • JFK says :

        lol no kidding.
        And doots, looks like your blog has made it big if Facebook Australia is trying to sell your readers framed pictures of Rafa. Thanks, but no thanks.

      • dootsiez says :

        hmmm … you’ll have better luck selling some framed pictures of Roger, preferably shirtless and glistening under the Aussie sun.

        and bs there’s nothing going on between that kangaroo and koala. I know true love when I see it.

  6. pban says :

    Selling rafa’s pictures ,that too of AO2009 and on this blog ,you’ve got to be kidding.Like Lj so aptly said we don’t need any physical reminders when the memories are painful enough.

  7. elf princess says :

    Jura has made a life-sized Federer for its product displays. There is one in our mall in the Philippines. I want to steal it!!! Here it is:


    • mgasol says :

      wow! where did they have that made? To have a Federer standee has always been my dream, I’m not kidding 🙂

    • fedfan says :

      which mall in the philippines is this? 🙂

    • dootsiez says :

      elf princess,

      As Nike would say “JUST DO IT!”

      Go in, ask the manager or SA if how long they plan to use that Roger for, and whether they’d be willing to give it to you after the promotion finishes.

      If that fails – STEALTH!

      • elf princess says :

        Right! How come I didn’t think of asking for it nicely? Haha. 😀 Thanks for the tip. I should put that Roger near the kitchen when I get my hands on it. I’ll stare at it while liesurely sipping coffee. *Bliss*

    • breadstix says :

      STEAL, STEAL!!


      (The best price I could get for a custom carboard person is ~£200. A little costly for my poor student pocketses.)

      • breadstix says :

        omg, I looked at the picture after I commented.

        … omg…

        what can I say. I’d love the sight of roger serving me coffee every day. especially at 2am when I’m watching him shank balls left right and center…

  8. mgasol says :

    doots, you were linked by the AO facebook account just a few hours ago. wow, you are really getting famous! congrats 🙂

  9. Dippy says :

    I dream of life size Roger poster, cute baby pics of his twins and coffee table book of all his pics from diapers to fatherhood.

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